And on the first day, God created…

Tomorrow begins a new chapter, a new beginning. It is a day that has been wished for, cried over, longed to see, and frightening to imagine, but it is here. I begin a career tomorrow, and if everything goes correctly, I’ll be in this line of business until I’m no longer working, enjoying my children’s children in my home in Florence with my Wah and our dogs. Now THAT sounds like a good life.

But the reason that I’m here writing to you- the reason I can’t go to sleep this evening is because I’m scared. And because I’m scared I’m over analyzing all that I think and rethink might or may happen tomorrow. What perplexes me even more than why I’m so scared, is why I think that I’ll fail when failure has never been and will not start tomorrow as a part of my life. Tomorrow is just another day in a long line of days that have worked in my favor, that have gone my way, that are deemed for success. So why should I allow myself other thoughts during the last 10 minutes of the 7th Harry Potter when I could be horrified that “He who shall not be named” has just taken Dumbledore’s wand…OH THE HORROR!!!

But I did want to come back to a place where I seem to always feel safe…(lol) a public forum for my thoughts. Typing calms me down, maybe it’s the sound of the keys clicking away, or just the glow of the screen which fakes out my system into thinking it’s the sun. Either way, here’s to a new place to be, a new place to write, and a new beginning. On the first day, I created….

(fill that in, would ya?)xxx


2 thoughts on “And on the first day, God created…

  1. What a Panzy! Gawd! Think Michael Douglas, get it together Woman Child! Remember what Sir Michael Douglas taught us all in Wall Street, “Greed is Good”, now go getem’ tiger!!!


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