Customer service vs. Federal Code

Let me just say that this experience is going to be uphill, and not in the sense of work load learning curve. I actually have to learn to change my behavior to be more professional and subdued, but what’s worse, I will DEFINITELY have to learn to stop sexually harassing my co-workers, and not making inappropriate…well, anythings. I have always considered myself to have a damn fine sense of humor and can make light of most things that happen on a daily basis. But at the FED, there isn’t really room to be sarcastic or dry…in fact, most people haven’t seem to get that I’m making a joke or trying to be funny. I have recieved many a funny look or sideways glance as I’ve ferociously and silently scolded myself for saying things like, “oh thanks very much, you’re very handsome”, or “so…when do we get to look up porn?”.

Besides that, things are going well, I would say. My boss is away on vacation for this week so I’ve been left to his minions who apparently were not aware that they should have things for me to learn or do. So, in true me style, I’ve taken to asking anyone and everyone is there is anything I can do for them, help with, or assist on. Today, EVERYONE was out of the office as there is some huge training program taking place down in the basement of my gargantuan building, leaving me alone with an admin support fellow, of which I must have asked WAY too many questions, and wore him down until he finally agreed that I could help him push papers. Um….really? This is the best you have for an educated, hungry, new employee? Well, whatever….I’LL TAKE IT!!! Not only did I push those papers, I felt my competitive streak breaking out as I tried to see which one of us could complete the most folders (although- to be fair, I didn’t want to let my co-worker see this side of me because it’s not an office filled with competitors and I don’t want to get a bad rep TOO early one….;) ) and took total advantage of the ability to walk around the office putting files in people’s in-box to introduce myself, move around a bit (sitting all day will do NOTHING for my mind, body or soul…but my office chair is VERY comfortable), and just DO SOMETHING.

Obviously my conterpart could see that I was going to be no wall flower and promptly hooked me up with things to do for tomorrow (5 meetings!) to keep me busy and more than likely, out of his hair. The things that I’m learning do seem to be right up my alley, a lot of OCD kind of work, checking, checking, and checking some more, and when my boss does finally return, I’ll actually get to know what I’m “suppossed” to be doing…and maybe even what my “title” is. The view from my desk is stunning, overlooking the UN plaza and the Opera building, and I sit in a cube with some nice, quiet, sweet ladies. I’ve shared chocolate- they have shared gum. But I haven’t been asked to join anyone for lunch so I did eat alone in the air garden on the 11th floor- which was fine. Sat in the sun, read my David Sedaris (hilarious!) and just tried to be in the moment.

So far, so good. Fingers crossed.


One thought on “Customer service vs. Federal Code

  1. Remember who you are, Ralphiella’s Daughter, and these are all youngsters, who woul’d deep down, love to hear, Bears on Hemlock Mountain…


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