let’s be friends

Day three at work and what a great, super wonderful day! I knew that things would be a different vibe going from the restuarant where everything was all social and glib to a professional, government office where everyday the work we do affects the lives on MILLIONS of people- serious, life changing work. But I also knew that I would eventually be allowed, and even welcomed, to come out of my appropriate and dainty shell and be me. Today felt like the beginning of that movement.

I got to do “real” work, recording for meetings which is like taking hard core notes in school from a professor who doesn’t care what you do or don’t know- that’s your problem. But I was allowed to do my recording after the first meeting and felt like I actually contributed to the success of the meeting’s development, albeit if in a small role. I impressed my boss by not only being SUPER efficient, but by being super organized as well- too traits I LIVE by. Today passed by so quickly, and I felt like the hours flew by with me being engaged and active all day. I could stand a little more exercise, I can almost feel my booty expanding as I sit down all day, but I did eat lunch WITH someone today, and had a nice bonding session with the most engaging, louder than life co-worker who, incidentally, had peppermint oreos on her desk. Ohhhhhh….those were goooooood cookies. Dang.

So, halfway through my first week and I’m feeling so good. Wow, what a change from a few months ago. I miss the social aspect of the restuarant, for sure, I miss goofing off and being silly, but I also feel that this change is where I WANT to be. Hello world, it’s me knocking on your door. 🙂


One thought on “let’s be friends

  1. This is the World ,thanking you for showing up,and sharing your amazing Brain Cells and chemistry,being that this world at times can feel like 70% negative energy to 30% positive energy, you singlehandedly will make the difference, and flip that ratio around…Love you, “The World”


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