Brain Dead

I have so forced myself onto all of the poor staff members that are trying to do good work while our boss is away, that I’m SURE they are praying for him to get back as soon as humanly possible.

I’m know that there is a protocol about when I’m supposed to learn things and and even later set of rules for when I’m allowed to actually use the things that I’m learning on my own. HOW-EV-ER, being that there is no boss at the moment, and there is not enough paper pushing and busy work available to keep me still, I was given a REAL task today, and boy did I do it!

It takes most people in my position maybe an hour to two to work on an average case file that we get in. I managed to do it in 4 hours my first time and when I went though my peer review (meaning: when the kid who sits in the cubicle across from mine was forced to check my work because it was under his passwords that I was doing everything- he must watch his own arse) he very proudly announced that my work was great and I only made three minor errors in the entire packet. I’m not going to lie, I very animatedly stood up and did a booty dance, but promptly sat down to make sure I knew what to correct and could do it quickly.

I then got to present to one of the specialists on the project, my FIRST submission, and when I told her how happy I was and that I wanted to take a quick mental picture of her, the file and myself (I actually made the motions of taking an air picture with my hands “click”)…well, she didn’t know WHAT to think. That’s me- KEEPIN’ ‘EM ON THEIR TOES!! Bringing joy ALL the year, not just at the holidays!

However, the rest of the afternoon I was beyond brain dead and it was so hard to keep focused for the last couple of hours. I’ve not been so happy to see my handsome driver/bf than when he came to get me this afternoon. To celebrate, we ate burgers and onion rings at Mel’s Diner and then went home to study….YAY FINALS!! Working a job, finishing my semester, driving to LA for 36 hours tomorrow….wait…WHAT???? Yah…I don’t know when is a good time to just stop, drop, and roll. Keep the fires buring, I say, KEEP THE FIRES HOT!!!

I’m happy- day 4.


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