No more!!

There are very distinct moments in one’s life when they are very sure of their matured age. Tonight is one of those moments for not only myself, but R and R as well. Upon getting out of my first full week of work (completed another set up today- PERFECTLY this time!), we immediately set out for LA and made the first mistake of hopeful and naïve travelers- leaving a busy metropolis at rush hour ON. A. FRIDAY.

Oh lord.

It took us and hour and a half just to get out of the city and that felt like a huge anchor dragging us downward before we even got started. I was already exhausted and R had already been to SF to drop me off at 7:30AM, driven rog up to Santa Rosa and then back to get me. It was a long day for both of us.

Now it is 11:12PM, we’re 30 minutes from our destination after doing turns of 2 hours so one could sleep and one could drive. And for “all” the money we’re saving by not flying, I feel like we haven’t made up for it with our lost hours on the dark road and the calories consumed on fast food with the excuse, “it’s all good- we’re driving!”

I feel sick.

But we’re close and to be with my darling friends for 36 hours does make it worth it…until we leave on Sunday afternoon.


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