It was BOUND to happen

I have nothing to do…nothing, no projects, no tasks…jebus- there’s not even filing!! (I asked!) So I’m just sitting here at my desk, trying to look as busy as I can, and it’s ONLY 11AM. Oh lord.

I’m not sure what is the best strategy here- I’ve asked my bosses what they can give me and they have said that they’ll check. I have read through company forms and guidelines. Filled out forms for benefits. Retyped all hand written notes. And now what??

These folks over here need to see a power source when they have one. Otherwise, for the moment, we’re not doing justice for each other…AND I’M GOING BANANAS!!!


Have y IR final tonight and then done with school…for a bit. R and I are thinking of taking an Ethics class next semester for fun…is that fun? What is fun anymore? Driving 850 miles for a Christmas party and birthday lunch? To us, it is. Now I think we should be worried…



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