Vacationing With Death

Vacationing with Death

There are very few times in my life where I’ve been more than super bummed to miss out on festivities or gayeties, but this weekend has been one of those times. Upon wrapping up my second week at work, still not doing much of anything at all…but trying to make it work- I AM GETTING A PAYCHECK AFTER ALL, I woke up on Saturday morning with a scratchy throat and a low fever. Now this particular Saturday, I was going on a 10k run with my sister who came in from Texas for our early holidays and to run with me. She bounds in my room at 8AM ready to run, all geared up, only to meet the face of death junior, and have her little heart crushed.
But my sister is not one to be derailed and since she had been seriously training to get up to 6.6 miles, she was going to run, WITH ME, come hell or high water. So I found myself wrapped in long sleeve/long pants combo, wind vest, head band, wrist band, ear buds and a hopeful attitude that, “working out gets you better faster” and off we go for a 5 mile run…in the cold and drizzle.

For my sister, I was thrilled, she did amazingly well, ran her first 5 miles and felt like a million bucks (complements of Robert Redford). I, one the other hand, came home and fell into a deep sleep that only sickness can provide. Waking up to get ready for our Christmas party was a struggle and no matter how pretty I made myself up to be, (and I was a super cutie in my holiday dress) I felt like asshole times butthole and just wanted to lay down and die.

I made it through the first two hours of the party, which allowed me the chance to see my mom’s bf give her a handmade bass that he had bought used and completed revamped. Needless -to-say, I BAWLED when I realized that he had MADE my Mom an instrument, WOW! nothing can be better than that. It was that moment which was to be my only Christmas cheer as I spent the rest of the party with a 102+ fever in bed and only woke up when Roy would periodically check up on me and I would moan about water or being hot or uncomfortable or wanting to die. At one point, I heard a full musical show playing out, with every single family member jamming out (even Roy on the clarinet- it was his first family show!!!) and it was only the background score to my crazy dreams.

I’ve now spent the rest of the week showing up to work, still not to do much, but I’m prepared. I can sleep sitting up, am reading quietly, journaling about my holidays, and how much I love Roy (I really dp *sigh*). I feel crappy, but I figure if everyone else shows up when they are feeling like death, than this must be what the federal business world must do and so then, I will as well.

Leaving for London on Sunday if the weather holds and I’m keeping all my toes and fingers crossed for a safe and fun trip. Roy and I deserve a vacation. Period.

I love you guys. Feel blessed to know you. And wish you all the best today and everyday. xxxx


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