The Love of a Good Country

it just can’t get better than this. period. I have arrived in my favorite place to see some of my most favorite people and now I’m here with my man. sometimes i get so overwhelmed with happiness that i cry- not shocking, i know, but never-the-less i’m definitely feeling like this is a good thing.

but like all good things, i’ve already had a lot of it. and today i’m feeling the left overs of such good fun. since i came here with a sickness on the way out and roy came with a sickness raging inside of him, our first days haven’t been crazy with touring and doing. In fact, everytime we do feel better, we do one thing and then feel awful again.

day one, our check in and flight were all super lovely and easy…for me. Roy, on the other hand, didn’t sleep on second, got kicked on the face by passing babies who were being rocked by their perspective parents because they couldn’t stop crying. all 6 tiny babies…in our section…crying. but i’m a flying pro- i had my cocktails, my noise cancelling earphones and my eyemask- done and done- i’m asleep. I wake up to land with an outbreak monkey in tow, get immediately through customs, get immidately picked up by daisy, go immediately to a rugby game in freezing, FREEZING twickenham stadium where we actually drank beer to stay warm. ate indian food, went to bed- woke up sick in the head, sick in the bones, and sick in the belly. yay.

and since then, we’ve only made it out to two dinners (one just me…) and the feast last night included 10 bottles of wine and one rowdy game of articulate. today: sick in the head, sick in the bones, sick in the belly.


but my god, i’m home and it feels so freaking fucking super awesome. (sorry for the cursing). how can I get back here???



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