Date Night…the real thing, not the movie.

As it’s been a tricky last month in the land of love, Mister Man and I decided it should be on the top of our weekend list to have a date night…the thing long term couple have to schedule to make sure they still remember to shave their bodies, dress a bit nicer, and put on a loving attitude that sometimes disappears in the rut of everyday life.

R and I planned for Friday night specifically because a fantastic museum in SF called the DeYoung does its Free Friday Nights, where they put on different types of cultural shows and poor people, families with small children, and old folks can come out of their homes to get cultured up and having a pleasant evening out. We were lucky to go on Opera night where we watched an hour of a visiting Spanish opera troop and watched cute small people make their versions of venitian masks.

Where the evening REALLY out did itself was in our dinner. R picked out a restuarant that happened to be very close to the DeYoung. In fact, it was right across the fountain park in the Academy of Sciences and is called The Moss Room. ( I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW AMAZING THIS MEAL WAS. We sat for two hours drinking martinis and wine paired with seaweed scallops (compliments of the chef), a trout crudo in fresh meyer lemon, sea salt and da vero olive oil, and a main share course of red wine braised short ribs with potatoes aligot, and roasted fall vegetables.
Finally MY dessert (I did not share) was called a coffee vacherin, which was homemade espresso ice cream over swiss meringue, COVERED in dark chocolate sauce, and mounted with candided sliced almonds…omg…it was to live for!

After the amazing meal with the superb waitress, the taste of fancy pants Opera, we headed home to watch Toy Story 3 to which R cried at the ending, ahhhhhhh- how sweet.

I know that to me it sounds silly to schedule a date night with a man that you live with and see every day, but I also know how important it also is to make special time to be lovey dovey and google eyed- that the spark of a relationship must be stoked and I definitely forgot about that. Even if it’s just a great excuse to eat an AMAZING meal, that’s good enough for a date night for me!

So…where are you taking your loved one this week?



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