I can’t stop eating them…

Looking for a snack with a kick? These wasabi coated green peas are sure to open your eyes and taste buds. Crunchy, spicy and oh-so-good!

One bite and you will know what we mean when we say HOT. We like to think we’re tough, but when these fellas mix with our taste buds, even we begin to tear up! 🙂

Trader Joe-San Wasabi Peas Make a Delicious Spicy Snack
A Product Review
Charlotte Kuchinsky, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Jun 14, 2010 “Contribute content like this. Start Here.”

I am on a health kick. If my darn doctors won’t let me exercise at the moment because of my health, I can at least eat properly.

Eating healthy is something my daughter has gotten down to an art form. I pay attention to whatever she is eating because, chances are it is better for me than what I might normally choose for myself.

One of her latest health snacks is Trader Joe-San Wasabi Peas. It is an unusual choice for snack food, but one that leaves you full within a few bites. It also satisfies the palette with its spicy cool taste.

For those who are unfamiliar with wasabi spice, it is made from the Brassicaceae family. Some call it a form of horseradish, while others consider it a spicy mustard. Which ever you choose, be aware that this stuff has some kick to it.

Japan has used and revered wasabi for a long time. America is still relatively new to this unique flavor but it seems to be embracing it with both arms.

Trader Joe-San Wasabi Peas are, in essence, sweet green peas that are coated in a delicious wasabi coating. It is a dehydrated snack food that contains no preservatives whatsoever. It also avoids any type of artificial coloring.

As far as calories, Trader Joe-San Wasabi Peas are akin in the amount contained within most nuts. One-quarter cup equals 120 calories. That is only slightly less than just about any type of nut on the market today.

A serving size is considered to be ¼ cup of wasabi peas. Trust me when I say; however, you will be doing good to eat that much. I found that 1/8 cup was more than I could finish because the snack is oddly filling.

Trader Joe says there are approximately 9 servings in the 9 oz bag of their wasabi peas. I’d say the count is more like 10 to 15 and that might still be on the low side.

Of the 120 calories per ¼ cup serving, only 25 of them come from fat. That includes 3 grams of total fat and 1 gram of saturated fat per serving. These peas contain neither trans fat nor cholesterol.


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