The black elixir.

It’s just a day for coffee
Since I’ve come back from our once Mother Country more rounded than I would have hoped, I’ve gone the great distance to now calorie count EVERYTHING, run/walk up to 12 miles a week, and have given up all kinds wonderful things to get my body back on track. Coffee is just one of those truly fantastic things that I’ve put away in the “no-no” area in order to get my…now let me see if I can quote my sister…body’s natural bacteria to survive and keep myself healthy and strong…or something like that.
However, today I need coffee.
Working is hard work- lol. I know how obvious this statement must sound, but to do a two hour commute, work 8 hours, gym and then get home…man-oh-man, I’m a pile of protoplasm. I could go to sleep at 8:30 every night if I didn’t think I should spend SOME time with my boyfriend and dog. Forget laundry, reading, watching tv, small irritating, necessary tasks. By the time it’s dark outside, I’m ready to go down.
Waking up is also a challenge. My work colleagues laugh at my efforts to look nice at work, but I believe it’s important to look like the job I want to be doing, not the job I have. So, if that means taking 20 minutes to curl or do my hair (which looks AMAZING today, btw), pick out a nice, pretty outfit, and rock some subtle, feminine make-up, well I’ll do it today and everyday. But it does take time and that time cuts into my sleeping, and that sleeping keeps me happy. Sooooo…..
Today I’m drinking coffee, looking hot, working my big bootie (still have a long ways to go) off, and waiting until I can go home tonight, and sleeeeeeep.


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