Big Business Bastards

This morning I awoke with a flutter in my chest akin to the sensation one has on Christmas. Although it is mid February, this doesn’t mean gifts can’t magically enter your life and change it for the better.

This morning, Adele tickets went on sale for a very intimate and special concert at the Warfield in the City, and right on time, I go to asshole ticketmaster to get my tickets.

“Sold out”.

Huh? How so quickly, I wonder? Then I open a new tab and check Fucker Stubhub who fantastically has 157 tickets already ready to sell to a sucker like me for a 150% increase in price. WHAT??

NOW I’M PISSED!! If I want to go and see an already expensive show-well that’s fine. But if I want to go to see an exorbitantly priced concert because the ticket sellers are trying to rape me, well that’s a different story. A MUCH DIFFERENT STORY!!

So, now Adele and her beautiful voice for me. I don’t care…whatever. Stupid British. Stupid music.

Stupid big business bastards.



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