I know that when it comes to relationships, I’m a whole lotta crazy. I get it. I acknowledge it. We’re all on the same insane train ride. But that doesn’t mean for the man who partners with me, this realization makes life any easier.

With RB, my concerns for our success have revolved around 3 probably TOTALLY insignificant milestones, but to me they are major love hurdles to overcome and bypass. First HAS TO BE TRAVELING. My number one Passion and true love activity in this life is to travel. No matter how happy I am with my job, or how pleased I am to be settling down, that doesn’t change my burning desire to take my pack, my passport, laundry line, and rainbow flips out and about all over the globe. For R, he’s only been out of the country twice in his life and I needed to be with him through the transit process to believe that we can work. England was a god trip, and we’re still together so, task 1: successful.

Next was surviving the dreaded, stressful holiday season. Last year we did not prevail and worked out each other’s madness the hard way; trial and error. This year we banished those trends of short tempers, hurt feelings, and the “i” attitude for the teaming working, holiday celebrating, couple enjoying lovers I know we can be.

And now we’ve finished with the last of the hols…Valentine’s day. Had a lovely dinner, shared hand made gifts, and went to bed still talking, happy, and in love.

How about our two year relationship next month? I say we nail that too! THERE’S NO STOPPING US!!!


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