Don’t Panic, I think it’s just Old Age:

Last night was a joy and a waste all at the same time. Because of the busy schedules that R and I have been living, the last few days I’ve been literally dying for some down time. Sleep, glorious, divine sleep; DIY (hallway painting, hanging pictures, laundry…); DVR (American Idol, the Biggest Loser, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, the Office…); Cello (I’m not giving anything special to my chamber groups this season…not professional at all!); Long Walks with Rusty- the essence of my being, the light in my life, the apple sausage of my dreams! As one can tell, there are always things and such to keep up occupied, and no matter how many nights a week we make plans, be busy, and are going-going-going, there is still a home life that is begging to be noticed.

Last night, R was off of work early (A TREAT!) and he and I met for dinner at 6 at our favorite little taqueria, ate a massive BURRITO FROM THE GODS, and upon arriving home, promptly laid down to just relax in bed, cuddle with the dog, and chill out before : thegym,thedishes,thehallway,etc.

And I went O.U.T.

I woke up at a little after 9 completely disorientated as to what day it was, if the time was AM or PM, where was Ribi…WHO AM I??? I literally wasted my entire evening off asleep in bed, underneath piles of clean laundry ready to be folded and put away, next to the paint cans screaming to go up on the walls, and upwind from my gym bag that growled to be used and abused. Figuring, what else can I do now?, I merely went back to sleep.

What I find the most hilarious is that I don’t have kids yet…and if I’m this tired without having the one thing in my life that will make me the MOST tired, what is my life to come? What’s worse is that I loved it. Sure, I felt guilty avoiding all the things that I knew I must do- chores that make the house livable, but mostly, chores that make me livable. But I also knew that I needed sleep, that no one would die if I were to leave the laundry another day or not get the hallway finished. I looked after numero uno and it was a proper treat; a decadence, if you will. Life won’t always revolve around me and my needs, so I might as well enjoy it now.



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