Nothing much changed…or has it?

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The date is December 18 of this past year, 2010, and it is the night of my family’s Christmas party. I awoke that wondrous morning with a flu that promised to be deadly, if it were at all being kind. I tried to summon my courage and strength throughout the day to be a partyer instead of a pooper, but ended up missing the entire party above my head, while I slept with the flu. At one point in the evening, my fantastic boyfriend come down to check on me and I noticed that something seemed…off. I had both heaters on in our room because I had the shakes so terribly, so it was really not a big deal that Roy was sweating PROFUSELY. What did seem odd, was that he wasn’t asking me how I felt or if I needed anything- the usual comments from the well to the dying. He was just staring at me. And when he asked me if I were serious about being a Baker, I responded irratatedly that, yes I did, but why was this important now?

And then the ring box came out and the proposal of marriage was made.

SO what does any girl do in one of the biggest moments of her life?

I puked.

Yup, I ran to the bathroom and spent 10 minutes with my head down the bog while Roy put a wet cloth on my neck and tried to keep me sitting up rather than…in. Needless to say, the timing was very off, and I was not prepared or ready to accept such a grand gesture.

Soooooo, I did what you never actually see happen on a TV show or movie, I said that I wanted to marry him but that I was not ready for an engagement yet and would he be so kind as to wait. Not too many guys can take that kind of discussion, but Roy accepted my answer good naturedly and didn’t bother me (too much) about it from then on.

Over the next 4 months I sure as hell thought about my life, Roy, and a life together. As much as I hated to admit it, marriage scared the SHIT out of me, and I wasn’t sure I cut from the right cloth to be a spoken for lady. Needless to say, I went over the history of LIFE in that time came to the great decision that I was ready for marriage, I was ready to start a life with the one man who never, ever let me get away, and I decided I would have to go BIG or go home on my acceptance.

WIth the help of my friends from work, Roy’s homies, and my bubble, we created an event that Roy would NOT forget soon. I had his friends set up a golf game, which Roy actually thought he had managed, and planned on the 18th hole to have a sign and ask him to (re)take my hand.

The sign was 25 feet long (see the photo).

Yah…you could see it the 180 yards away from the tee to the hole. What was hilarious is that when Roy first saw it, he was going to take a picture and send it to me commenting, “can you believe some guy named Roy is getting proposed to out here???” until his friends started hugging him and telling him that, “your round is over, friend, congratulations”.

Thinking about it now, I can see that I not only tricked Roy, I left him speechless. He couldn’t say too much more than “snvfiohvionefvnwe’fwevn we” and kiss me. So led into our afternoon of food and drinks (many, many, many drinks to celebrate). And let’s not forget about the t-shirts that I had made with “KISS ME….” on the front and “I GOT ENGAGED TODAY” on the back. I wanted to go big or go home. Period.

And so friends, here is my news for today. There will soon be a Mister Giovanniello or a Mrs. Baker in the somewhat nearish, year or so, future. And I for one, could not be happier.


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