Dear Santa…I know It’s Early But….

I want it. Fact.

­­As my life is now one giant, dutiful work day, I sometimes keep my gchat open on my phone, in case anyone in the world is doing something interesting and they want to tell me about. For a brief moment in my day, I’m transporting all over the 7 continents, listening to stories of the English, Israelie, Austrian, Australian…you get the idea. So when my message notification interrupted the busy, busy work that I do all day long, I was surprised to see it was from my old neighbor growing up, who was writing from Guatemala. He was chatting to wish me congratulations on the engagement (how nice!) and find out what my future plans were with my future husband.

I answered diplomatically, responsibly, and maturely that we would get married next summer and then take a honeymoon when we had enough time off (3 whole weeks in total, if we can swing it…woo-eee). He was SHOCKED! What was this information coming from the International Superhero that we have all come to know, admire, love, and worry about??? How could I settle for such a measly honeymoon, when we could be taking a MEGAMOON!!!!!!

What on earth is a Megamoon, I replied hesitantly as I wanted to make sure my conversation was SFW, and wasn’t going to involve a lengthy typing session discussing the cycles of the moon in relation to baby making…or money making…or any kind of making. I don’t have mountains to do, but enough that typing on a miniature key pad for a long duration wasn’t going to cut it. So he made it simple enough for me to understand by sending me the link to his webpage:, which details the adventures of he and his new wife’s never ending honeymoon, which they began in December.

Now I was shocked! What about your jobs? Your home? Your things? Your cars? Where was everything??? Gone. Sold. Put into storage. He said it so nonchalantly, that I felt immediately the stirrings inside my chest where my Superman emblem lies, currently in the twilight of my new found maturity, but none the less, still waiting for the chance to get back to what I know and love best- THE WORLD! He said that they had no strings, no ties, no materials to keep them tied to their previous California life and were going to travel to where ever they wanted whenever they wanted for as long as there was money to spend.

Dood. Now my heart is really breaking.

I started thinking as to the possibly of any of what he had just described could be for me, and for Roy. We’ve only ever gone really away together once, London, and we were so enveloped with all of my friends and carryovers from my time there that it wasn’t like we were really exploring or discovering. First off, could be do it? Could we travel together like nomads and still find ourselves in love and fulfilled? Would be hate backpacking and despise the dirty living that comes from cheap travels and wondrous experiences? And if he did love it, would it really be possible to take a year out of our lives, away from our jobs (which I have worked quite hard to find, while he is still in the process of studying for his career), our friends (of which I know mine wouldn’t think about my decision for longer than 15 seconds, suddenly feeling MORE normal in their OWN lives at my departure, and Roy’s will think he’s insane and living out a dream that was never intended to be his…), our families (again, mine would get it, R’s might think he’s abandoning them in their twilight years).

If I really calm my mind and allow myself the chance to ponder the possibilities of one last long shot at freedom, oh yes, I can see it, I can taste it, touch it, smell it, believe it, and WANT IT…BADDDD. The question is, how can I broach this topic with him, how can we come up with a contingency plan for when we get back, how will we afford it, and will we love each other when we get home???? I think I have some homework to do.


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