Chef Je-lous-e’, in the house

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Is it wrong that I’m a tiny bit upset about not being the official “baker” at my job? And no, I’m not talking about last names here, I’m talking about baking-baking. The task that involves flour, sugars, eggs, vanilla, you know….baking powder?!

In every job I’ve ever had, I have wooed over my coworkers and/or students with wonderful poppy seed loaves, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, fruit pies, muffins, sheet cakes…the list goes on. And now here I am, 5 months at my new job, and I’m so far from the title of “official chef” of the office, I’m not even listed on the chef biographies, let alone the dessert staff.

I have been supersurped by a fellow co worker of mine, who, armed with “What’s new, Cupcake” he has managed to bring in the following treats which have put me to S.H.A.M.E.

Honey beeswax Cupcakes
Chinese dinner cupcakes
Red velvet
Blue Velvet
Green velvet
Strawberry Shortcake
CC Cookies
Fortune Cookies (complete with homemade fortunes)

The list continues. And they’re all amazing. Ah, Fudge.

Well, because he is the house favorite, and he does make pretty extraordinary treats, I can’t be TOO upset with my baker-less status. I guess I’ll just have to be happy with the pseudo-last name Baker, and get on with it. (But in my heart, the baking will always be mine)


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