6 on one hand, ½ dozen on the other

 So it appears that I am faced with a trifectaof decisions over the course of the next 12 months, and because life is the way that it is, I have to start making the things we like to call “grown up decisions” in order to achieve, win and succeed in all that there is and could ever be.

 ISSUE NUMBER ONE: I am currently living in the home where I was conceived, born, and raised for the entirety of my lovely life. There are so many things that I absolutely adore in my house, from the stunning hard wood floors to the views, the large space, and the privacy all in one. However, there is one major thing in this house that brings me to tears, to insanity, to constant frustrations on a momentary basis, and that problem is our kitchen. Bless my father, he was the type of man who instilled in me that when you have a design urge…just do it. Don’t worry that you’re wallpapering over…wallpaper, or building cabinets with spare pieces of wood, held together by hammered screws. Our kitchen has all of the mishaps that one room could have, backed by good intentions for convenience, appearance, and “K-Mart sophistication”.

The Tuscan tile floor cannot be cleaned totally, and always has the faint resemblance of a home with small children. Worse than the floor tile is the counter tile, with its wide grouting and uneven tiles, so that there is no bleach, vinegar, or heavy commercial industrial cleaner that can make using the countertops safe by any health code. The cabinets are filled with 30+ years of CRAP, examples including: old photographs, screwdrivers, caulking guns, hair pins, tweezers, tape of all kinds, loose nails and screws, I believe an old hair brush, an old telephone….It’s actually quite fascinating what one can rediscover throughout our kitchen, although I don’t want to rediscover anything, I just want to find the damned can opener when I need it.

So I have made it my mission that by the end of the summer, our home will have a newly updated and swish kitchen that everyone can enjoy, CLEAN easily, and find things consistently. And in order to do this, I’m going to contribute funds to say thank you to my Mom for all that she has done for Roy and myself, and I think the gesture is as important as the final product. We’ve already started ripping down the wall paper, and for that, thank the lord. So, I’m budgeting what a new room in a house can cost…a room with appliances….and it’s not cheap. Awesome sauce.

ISSUE NUMBER TWO: I AM A TRAVELER AND THEREFORE NEED TO TRAVEL! This is the first year in a decade where I have not been able to get to London two times in one year, and this will also be the first time in a decade that I haven’t gone anywhere or done any trip that was exciting and fulfilling. I’ve already taken time off work for two weeks at Christmas and just want to make a 10 day trip to Costa Rica to lay on a beach and see some new things. Is that too much to ask? I’ve still really never been anywhere that wasn’t a comfortable, well known location with Roy, and want to hit a new country a year, otherwise, I think I might perish…seriously. My heart won’t be able to take another lifestyle.

 But Costa Rica costs MONEY, and after the kitchen, there will be much less in savings to use for tickets down south, a place to stay, food to eat, and activities to participate. Not happy about that, but also aware that traveling has never been cheap and sometimes you have to forgo some dinner’s out to make a trip work. I can do that. Yes, I can do that. However, the there’s…

ISSUE NUMBER THREE: Most importantly, I want to get married and I want to do it next summer. But to get married you really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really need money. Honestly, you can’t do it without, especially if you want it to be interesting enough for people all over the world to fly, drive, do whatever they must to get to it. But with the kitchen and the trip, where does the money come from to have our all day bbq, kilted groomsmen, magic bouncy house, karaoke system, and BOOOOOOOZE? I’m not sure, and I don’t want to panic about it, because that’s silly, but I’m not seeing in my mind’s eye how all of these can be completed, and the one that seems like it’ll have to be on its way out is the trip.

Ohhhhhh, not the trip!!! The thrill of purchasing the ticket. The excitement in rechecking the expiration date on the passport. The packing, the planning, the not planning. The airport, the flight, the terrible plane food. And the first beer on the beach. The first tanning in the sun. The first visit to the local shops and restaurants. Meeting my neighbors, playing with their children. How can I give that up????

How? To get married. To be Ms. Giovanniello, aka Mrs. Baker, aka Dr. Giovanniello. And I do want to have all of these titles. And I know that it won’t be the same event as I have myself attended, but it will be ours and we will share it with those who matter to us most. And so…hello kitchen, bye bye beaches of Costa Rica, and nice to meet you state park and bacon wrapped everything!

Seems right…right? right.


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