You Can Dance If You Want To




I have to be careful with folks that don’t know me “well”, sometimes I can surely freak them out just by doing something that is totally normal and CLesque. For example, I threw a birthday party this past weekend for myself at our totally destroyed home, and although I was in a baby panic about the state of my house, since most of the guests had never seen it before, I also just thought, “Screw it! Have fun, it’s your birthday lady, get crazy with you bad self!!”. So…I did.

First off, I wore a see through, very stunning dress with a florescent blue bra and a big smile because it definitely caught a few guests off guard, and I wanted them to know I planned it. This wasn’t one of those red carpet moments when the starlet steps in front of the paparazzi and realizes that her dress suddenly becomes transparent with all of the flash blubs going off. Nope, I knew it and smiled sweetly when shocked faces looked on.

Secondly, I love tequila. Not in a crazy way, but definitely in a “Shot once an hour” kind of way. And my fiesta was no different in that regard. In fact, two of my presents were bottles of tequila. But a great deal of my new friends are not drinkers, not drunks, and can really only muster one to two drinks over the course of the day as their tolerance is nil. Whereas, my old skool peeps can drink…and drink…and drink. So I felt a twinge of danger partaking in treats with my new people around as I felt eyes upon me when shots went up in the air, “CHEERS” echoed off the walls, and downing booze ensued. But what was really nerve wracking was what my shots eventually led to.

Dancing…ah yes, mucho mucho dancing. In fact, I danced so wildly and heartily that I actually felt super sore in my back the next day. I had on my own mix (of often times described as shitty pop music) of tunes which allowed me to just dive right into leg lifts, turns, sashays, and dips…mostly by myself. I wish that someone had videoed such brilliance so I could have shared with all of you the true joys of interpretive dance, Emmy award winning, as though I were an up and coming dancer on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Seriously, I was THAT good. But still shocking. And if you’ve never seen me bust a move…alone…it’s frightening. But it wasn’t the alcohol, nope, it was me.

There are still things I can do that surprise the masses, but remain true to me. This was one of those moments.
And although the party was excellent…our kitchen is still Brokeback Mountain, and will need a few more weeks’ worth of work. (*sad face*).

However, Reconstruction is better with tequila …and I do have quite a bit left over….


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