London Town is Burning Down

Normally when tragic or scary things happen around the world, they don’t necessarily happen in MY world. But as the riots escalate throughout out London, my little South of the River world, Clapham is getting it’s fair share of hits and I’m devestated to see such madness.

What I feel like from seeing the images and reading the news articles is major disappointment. I know my area, I have seen the good and the bad reside in harmony for quite sometime. But I also know that where the new parents are moving in, buying expensive properties and frequenting the tea shops on Northcote Road, I also know the Chavs that bust out their track suits, create ruckus on the buses, and make the everyman a bit nervous with their antics are also growing in population. When something like this goes down in our area, it seems that the latter growing demographic are those that are creating this disarray and insanity. FOR TRAINERS??? FOR VIDEO GAMES??? FOR DISCOUNT CLOTHING???

No, unfortunately, these riots have nothing to do with the original cause at hand, and the need for anarchy and law breaking seem to be just the popular, fun thing to do at this time. Most of my people that live in Clapham are FURIOUS because everything has to shut down. Banks can’t open, people can’t go to work, life has to be contained so that the worst of those out there can be controlled. To hear about the discord and fear that is spreading through MY people, in MY home, is unacceptable.

So, I have to agree with the theory that arresting everyone and their parents is the best thing to do. You want to break the law, steal, get in fights, get hurt, use the free medical system, and go back home to you council homes and live off the dole because you can?? well, fuck you. This is my home, damnit, and y’all better know that not one of us thinks that this is cool or will support this madness.

Can’t we all just GET ALONG????


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