Screw Chicken Soup- Organizing is Good for the Soul




As y’all know, we decided a month (or longer? I forget now…) or so ago that a redo to our kitchen would be a (semi) inexpensive, and much needed update to our home and that it would be only a matter or installing some cabinets and finishing it off with some snazzy new appliances. Easy peasy.

Now I know better.

Our kitchen is indeed snazzy. In fact, it fucking glorious. Between the brand new maple cabinets that all have pull out drawers, a hidden garbage and recycling area, the most sexy and beautiful granite EVER, faboosh appliances (all brushed stainless steel and black, super sleek and modern), and of course our glass cabinets to showcase all of our “nice” crap, of which we have mucho, it looks like something that just came from “Middle American” magazine…if that exists.
However, there has been no “ease” to this project.

Every step that I thought would go smoothly and simply was almost the opposite, and the hard projects became uber difficult, with the easy projects becoming a growling, nasty bear. Shopping for our appliances required 5 or more trips down to San Leandro to the Sears Outlet, where TWICE we were sent an oven which lost the face component as soon as the tape was removed, our dishwasher had a side crushed in the first delivery, and came without dishwasher clips to keep it upright after the second delivery. A microwave that was too big, and a GORGEOUS hood of glass and chrome that no one knows how to install.
And then there is our stuff. The easy part. Just organize, throw away, recycle, reuse, update a few details to our everyday life. Right? How hard can this be?

I must have spent a solid hour just going through the 4 gigantic boxes of spices we have accumulated in different, yet secret areas, of our home since before we had me. Although we had spice racks installed in our gorgeous pull outs, trying to whittle down 150 spices to 30 was making me crazy, and this was PROJECT NUMBER 1!!!
Blessed as I was though, a good friend came out and religiously and militarily washed by hand EVERY SINGLE item that was to go back into our new area, with only our deep sinks and soap as her weapons of cleanliness. Every cup, glass, dish, platter, baking tray, serving bowl, cutting board, fork, knife, and spoon, measuring cup…she even washed up worn down looking bottles, jars, Tupperware. This woman is a SAINT, because I sure as hell would have gone the lazy route and thrown everything back dirty…(God, I’m horrible)….


Between our constant flow of clean, put away, clean, put away, Roy was sent out on mission after mission for items necessary to make everything organized and perfect. I think he hit Target, Home Depot, Jacksons Hardware, Rafael Lumber, Kohls….good Lord, I didn’t even see him all day because he was constantly shopping.

BUT, after 6 hours, 97% of our house in back where it should be. The makeshift kitchen we erected in our living room is now back in its rightful location, or our outside kitchen of electric frying pans and plastic camping plates have now been scrubbed clean and hidden away in our new pantry, no longer able to instill fear in the hearts of guests who are forced to eat dinner of fried quesadillas and Coors Light in a can (obviously). Salsa optional.

Now, I just want to live in the kitchen. I want to cook and eat every meal in its stunning, soft, modern and usable landscape. I definitely don’t want to be at work, when I feel the calling of Tupperware organization, or the desire to install the sleek, stainless steel hardware on every glowing maple surface. Sexy….oh so sexy….

I will say that the best part about having gone through this process (more so than our kitchen was grossly outdated, had horrible placement of surface area to appliances, and was uncleanable) was that it made me feel like I was moving into a new place where I could make decisions on the look and feel of my living environment. Since living with Roy at my childhood home, I was constantly frustrated with living in another person’s space. Not able to choose the furniture, color, or design of our home, I felt constantly eager to move out to a place of our home so I could, I guess the word is, “nest”.

And now I CAN! I can choose colors, decorate walls, select appliances, ORGANIZE EVERYTHING TO A TEE, and feel a part of my home life. Priceless…even though the kitchen did turn out to have quite a price. But small beans compared to the happiness and excitement for our homegrown project.


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