Party Time, Excellent!

Well, I just back from another lively weekend in LALA for my best friend’s birthday, and I had yet another moment of wondering if I should move down there. That thought was immediately followed by, “HELL NOOO!” but there was a lingering sentiment of missed time with friends and the desire to be around more of my people more often.

So London then?

Well, another bestie has just packed up and moved from good ol’ London town to New Zealand, and it actually seems like a trend that starting to happen.

No, I don’t mean people randomly quitting there kind and moving under Down Under. I mean people moving…anywhere. I found out last week that one of my closest friends in Marin is hauling her family to Oregon to make life easier. At first, I wanted to puke and cry all at the same time, but then I had to woman up and realize that life is what you make it, not what you have to bear.

Ahhhh….wiseness….is that a word?

So now I ponder for R and myself. Can we go some where better, cheaper, funier (dont judge me) and be happier? Or is this As Good As It Gets?





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