The Amazing….Divorce?

Or Maybe The Amazing Plan…

Sometimes life is just odd. And funny. And oddly funny. I had one of those moments just the other day when my partner in crime (no, not Rusty) mentioned that we ought to try out for a reality program which would be hosting auditions this Saturday. Needless to say, my mouth FELL open, I was shocked. REALITY TV??? Are you serious?

But he was. And the more I started thinking about it, maybe I was too.

And so yesterday I printed two applications for Roy and me to star in The Amazing Race, a reality television game show in which teams of two people, who have some form of a preexisting personal relationship, race around the world in competition with other teams. Contestants strive to arrive first at “pit stops” at the end of each leg of the race to win prizes and to avoid coming in last, which carries the possibility of elimination or a significant disadvantage in the following leg. Contestants travel to and within multiple countries in a variety of transportation modes, including planes, balloons, helicopters, trucks, bicycles, taxicabs, rental cars, Jeepneys, trains, buses, boats, and by foot. The clues (cryptic hints) provided in each leg lead the teams to the next destination or direct them to perform a task, either together or by a single member. These challenges are related in some manner to the country wherein they are located or its culture. Teams are progressively eliminated until three are left; at that point, the team that arrives first in the final leg is awarded a grand prize. (Wiki definition…)

I have both reservations and overwhelming excitement for this plan, pending whether or not we become actual contestants. Roy’s take is that we’ll tell the casting team for our audition that we are an engaged couple, who has not traveled together, where one of us is experienced and the other a novice, and if we are accepted onto the show, we’ll get married and this would serve as our honeymoon. As to whether or not we’ll get a divorce IMMEDIATELY upon returning to our personal realities, that is still up in the air (although I have my serious concerns that this could be true), but I think we seem catchy enough to get someone who matter’s attention.

Traveling ALL over the world, facing obstacles, seeing new places, eating SUPER gross things, seeing how we interact with each other in both the very best and very worst of situations, and possibly winning $1,000,000…well…it is a little bit exciting, let’s be honest.
But can Roy and I even conceive of diving into a task/game/test so severe that we either make it or break it, with the FULL knowledge that our impending decision would be the final one. I also had my reservations about redoing the kitchen together, and so far, that has worked out beautifully both for us and the kitchen. So maybe we could do something as crazy as run around the globe trying to win a game, expand our minds, and grow as a couple and a team.
You know I’m game. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen?….


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