A Miracle






A Miracle       

I was touched this weekend by a real life, true to form, honest to goodness miracle, and if I believed in “God” I would thank her over and over for it.

Whereas most people will call the thing that touched me “The Bridge School Benefit” concert, which I agree is a fitting title, I call it a toast of quality champagne from the heavens to satiate my heart, body, and soul. “The Bridge School Benefit” is shorter though…

Carlos Santa, Mumford & Sons, Beck, Nora Jones, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthew Band, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Tony Bennett…all in one show. AWESOME. Good music is the absolute greatest spirit lifter I know; I am obsessed with music, and it never fails to transport me to a soft, hard, loving, angry, happy, sad, and/or other space that I can be and act in the way my mood dictates.

Yesterday, R and I drove in horrible traffic for 2 hours in 85 degree weather down to the Shoreline Amphitheater, where I’ve been to so many shows, it’s gross. However, something felt different about this particular trip. R and I were hoping for an event alone together, of which we haven’t had too many in our time as a couple, as we needed a few hours to get back to each other. Our schedules (and by “our”, I mean his…) are so insane that we hadn’t been seeing a lot of each other, and suddenly, knitpicking and miscommunication were becoming regularities.

Of course, I’m livid at the amount of idiot drivers in go-nowhere traffic, the heat, the butt fuck China parking lots, and  to top it all off, I then become uber pissed about the 30 minutes it takes us in line just to GET INTO the show. What is this, DISNEYLAND???

At this point, it was 2:30PM, I knew Mumford and Sons would be on around 4, so I just tried to be patient.

As we got closer to the venue, you could start to make out the music from the annoying buzz in the background- do I hear voices and instruments? Is that Nora Jones? And as that music became clearer, my mood suddenly dissipated from bitch to angel, and I began to dance around feeling so, so, so happy. How bad can life be if there is such good music around? Not bad.

We managed to find a tiny sliver of unoccupied grass out on the massive field, apologized to our neighbors as everyone always manages to get pissy when someone takes up space, but there was NONE, so they had to deal. We laid down in the hot sun, sipped out two double vodkas over ice, and began our afternoon with Nora. At the end of her set, Beck graced us with his witty rhythms, and as the drinks were kicking in, each of us started feeling more revitalized and blessedly content.

Over the course of the beautiful afternoon/evening, we were graced by Carlos, Dave M., Eddie, Neil, Mumford, Dave G., their bandmates, and all of their amazing talent. I sang, danced, fist pumped, threw my head back and pretended I was ON stage singing, and not just one of the many thousands of spectators watching the show.  Roy dozed, which was sweet, you could tell he was relaxed and chilled, both characteristics he has been missing throughout his 14 hour long days of working, working, and going to school. I was smiling and happy, which felt foreign to me, but like the weight of 15 years fell off my back.

I was just plain ol’ uplifted. And awestruck. And jazzed.

How a show this amazing is even available to the common man is sort of beyond me, and I made a vow that next year we would go again, only this time take a HUGE group and experience the joy found together. If one concert can bring one person such joy, happiness, and release, shouldn’t I share that with all that I love?

The answer is yes.



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