It’s maybe the best statement ever-

“I don’t care.”

Say it- I don’t care.

Say it louder- I DON’T CARE.

Now, say it with meaning- I DON’T CAAAAARE!!!!

*SIGH* Doesn’t that feel so good?!

The reason I’m here, and have already been here before, is that there are so many things in this life that we can let irritate us, and we can either allow ourselves to get emotionally involved…orrrrr, just not care about them.

Once you “get” it, it’s really quite easy to do.

For example, I could get upset over the fact that I have no money or time to travel. I could cry and hate on those who are venturing all over the world, seeing and doing the most exciting of things, while I sit in my cubicle and grow old. Or, I could just not care about what other people are doing or where they are going.

I don’t care.

Or I could be frustrated that office politics are beyond my ability to understand or practice. I might not be in the cool kids’ group, but to be honest, I just don’t care enough to try. I’m 32 years old, have been through the school process 3 times, and don’t want to be in the popular sorority, elected as class president, or invited to the wild parties. (Ok, I lied just then…I would like to be elected class president, that’s true…I like power and organizational possibilities….).

I don’t give a hoot.

A well, I can see myself getting upset over not having better friends living near me. This I miss more than anything else as my people have seen me through many, many life changes and have given me more love and support than maybe I deserved. But to try and make friendships with people just because they live close, but never really like them as people…well honestly, I’m over it. I like being alone. Not all the time, but more than having those horrible fake conversations about crap you don’t care about.

I do not care what you are saying. Stop talking to me.

So now I find myself using my age old defense tactic to not weep openly all day every day, or treat the people I do see and care for terribly because I’m upset. I just stop caring.

Now, I also know that when I get to this point, it’s not a good place because I SHOULD care about stuff. All kinds of stuff. But if I can’t change anything, why try to force an issue? Just STOP CARING ABOUT IT.

Let’s see how long this lasts…or at least let’s see how long I care about not caring. Once I stop caring altogether, we may have a problem….


One thought on “It’s maybe the best statement ever-

  1. That’s pretty much my motto , logo , trademark , philosophy , life’s meaning … take you’re pick !
    Care as less as possible !

    I know people who pretend to care about this world and it’s residents , shout out slogans like :”This world would be a much better place if people would care more about their fellow human beings ..” , “We need to make a change …” , “Be the change you want to see in the world !” … or any other condescending , righteous , fault-dodging bullshit ! But fact is , most of the problems of the world started because some people cared TOO much about things they shouldn’t have been giving a flying fuck about !!!

    I’m not saying that we should not strive to excel or hope for a better future , but … (I think an even bigger BUT is in order) because people’s first step in dealing with a situation or bettering a situation is surfacing the problems involved is that situation … This might be a good idea as more people are aware of what the problem is when in reality what happens is that there are that many more people that now complain about the same thing when most of them don’t have the tools , abilities or even the right to handle it … Thus creating a very unwanted or needed echo effect !

    Those issues would not be even a matter of interest if people would just chill the fuck out and stop giving an appropriate rat’s ass !

    Love love love ,
    Yours truly


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