The Bravery.

No, I’m not referring to the band, however, if you haven’t heard them, they’re awesome, give them a listen.

Actually, what I am referencing are the people around us that dare to keep dreaming, believe they can make something better, bigger, and reachable, stop following the norm and just try another path. I’m talking about the REAL bravery.

I know a lot of people that just can’t do the average dance everyday all day. Inside their heart of hearts, they know that there is a better suited rumba, fox trot, hip hop, jungle, swing, line dance made just for them…..they just have to man up to changing outfits, venues, and partners. For many, those changes might be too scary, too different, too outrageous- it IS hard to go from a cowboy and wranglers, to a tux with tails. And I can understand staying in one place because everywhere else seems too racy and foreign.

But this homie don’t play that.

I LIVE by making the changes from one rhythm to the next, finding a better beat to my internal musica. And for those of you who also do this jump, I salute you.

I just found out a friend has opened their own business because corporate wasn’t working for them personally, their product wasn’t being offered to the needy, and they saw an opening, a light in the tunnel, a new dance hall, where they could try their new POA. The uncertainty of this move is felt in every step of the way. There are no foundations yet, no customers, no weight. The fear of failing is lingering at the back of your mind, and yet all one can do is go forth with all their power and energy to try and create success from nothing. For this, I’m proud.

Another friend of mine decided that she and husband would attempt a different lifestyle for themselves by opening a restaurant/pub so that they could spend more time together and do something more streamlined to their interests. Again, it’s not as if corporate doesn’t make good money, or get you big contracts, it can just be soul shattering, and to some, the intact nature of their soul is worth a great deal of faith leaping. Again, all your eggs fall into one basket, and if you drop that sensitive and breakable package…well, to put it mildly, you could be fucked.
But if you succeed…oh my, what rewards!

Whether it’s writing a book, making a film, becoming a teacher, starting your own company, or WHATEVER- it’s scary, nerve wracking, and liberating.

Freedom, freedom, freedom!

For those that can handle the pressure- being your own boss, employee, and janitor is a welcome relief to the record repeating monotony of doing all of this for someone else. A person or persons that don’t appreciate your drive, determination, creativity, forward thinking, compassion, intelligence, ground breaking ideologies, etc.
That’s not fair. That’s not right.

NO ONE SHOULD LIVE UNDER THOSE RULES AND REGULATIONS…that is of course, if you need them- than to each their own.

For the rest of us dreamers, innovators, dancers, and doers- GO GET ‘EM!! This post is for you! (and you, and you, and you too).


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