This is all true- (I can be a selfish) HoHoHo!


This Christmas I’m prepared to make all my gifts, which I know will excite the hell out of most of you because who doesn’t want a candy cane colored basket, or a scarf that would fit a small rodent. But, so is the time, and I’m becoming in my old age a cheap miser, which has its benefits and super, sky diving, lows.

In fact, I’ve been giving some real thought into the whole gift giving thing for the holidays. And when you’re shy of being broke, it makes the entire process much more time-consuming because finding a gift that really packs a punch, makes the eyes go wide, fills the heart with joy isn’t always inexpensive. And suddenly into my vision enters the few people with whom REALLY need and deserve a great gift from me this year, and how this is the perfect year for me to realize that I don’t have to give a gift to every single person I’ve ever known…ever. I love to overdo things, it’s a highlight for me when I’m able to be. But this year, I see the truth in a well thought out, touching, singular present as the real challenge, and hopefully, the true spirit of the season.

Being fiscally aware allows me to make true determinations as to what matters to me. Where I shop, what I eat, who I hang out with, what is “special”, what is unnecessary, and what is life saving- suddenly you GET it. Does this or does this NOT matter?

 I truly HATE penny-pinching, but if I’m contemplating bypassing a trip to Africa to have a wedding, well…maybe that’s not a bad thing. I think I’ve been TOO much with mula. TOO grand, TOO excessive, TOO thoughtless. And, Inshallah, if I make a little money again, trust you me, I’m going to be better with it.

So for those of you who will only get a card this year, know that I sent that with the best of intentions, words of friendship and love, and my heart with yours. If you get a gift…well shit, you’re something really, REALLY special.

And if you don’t get anything…sorry. Truly.

Happy Chanel Holidays! xxxx

Dear Santa,

I would like: a new cello case, leather riding boots, iPad, iPhone, The Hunger Games series, a paid class at the College of Marin, a wedding, a honeymoon, the new Florence and the Machine album, more time with my family, diamond tennis bracelet, Chanel purse, red skinny jeans, down jacket, luggage…and a hug.


CL xxxx


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