Bless my Sweet Sister.

I couldn’t resist. She sent this email to me today, and it was so cute and so “KK” that I had to publish it.

“I sincerely feel, you should think about this Holiday Season, about having “a little one”….
  There is never the perfect moment to get pregnant….
  You & Roy will be awesome parents,
 Rusty will forever protect Baby….
 And (he) (she) will be spoiled rotten
 from both our families combined.
 You are in the best shape of your life,
      I know more than anyone, how your hormones are pulling on you…
   I think , if you get started now…..
 By Next Xmas….
  There will be a Concetta Baker….
Or lil’ Roy Jr….
 Stop taking the pill, get an Ovulation test ….
  And make a little person….
Oh Yes…..

  It is the most magical feeling on this planet…..
  Being pregnant….
       And knowing the love you two share , is so
        strong…. That it had to go into making…
   A little Person…..”



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