Balls That Jingle!

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Well, Congratulations to ME! I have just celebrated my ONE YEAR anniversary at my current job (CRAZY!), which I celebrated because so much has gone down this year in terms of losing sanity, gaining insight, freaking out, calming down, not working, working all of the time, and learning to love my cubicle. ❤

In fact, I even got a gift from my company- a new computer and laptop were delivered to me during the night (a little Santa-esque, if you ask me. I didn’t even leave out cookies or milk!), so the day itself was pretty exciting…if only for me.

People, this is the FIRST U.S. job outside of StuartSchool that I’ve had for such a “ long” duration. (Everyone that has worked in their jobs for the last decade, don’t hate me because I’m a beautiful world traveler!) To be fair, I did have the organic coffee shops for almost 3 years, but that was London, and honestly, that was not what I consider a “real” job, no offense to baristas all over the world.

So, here I am, one year into corporate America, I’m preparing for my first work assessment, I have received a NEW computer (my cube mates are so jealous…and yes, this is our lives), and now I was ready to celebrate another corporate tradition- The Christmas Party.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH, the office’s yearly celebration of successes, failures, mishaps, inside jokes, and quality camaraderie. What an exciting idea! It’s not like I see these people everyday, day in and day out, almost everyday of the year. What I really want is be with them MORE, see them MORE, and to celebrate MORE! Thank goodness for our fiesta. Actually, sarcasm aside, I do think it’s quite important to be out with your coworkers in a different enviroment, let your hair down, relax a bit, and enjoy being together without a file in between you.

Here are some short revelations, observations, and points on the evening:

1) O.P.E.N. bar – I’ll get back to this later.

2) Hosted by the Foreign Film Institute, this amazing restaurant in San Francisco’s eccentric Mission district was closed down to the public for our party, and was absolutely gorgeous inside and out. It seemed like most of the people in attendance at the party were from the main office, so they all knew each other and were milling about in the main dining room chatting and catching up. Our group was 5 strong (10 plus dates) and we chose to sit outside in their movie viewing area. There were strands of white lights crisscrossing between the two sides of the building, countless portable heaters, and a Steve McQueen film playing on the side wall at theater size. It was warm, romantic, and we had all the space we wanted to laugh and talk without having to revert to using “party” voices.

3) THE FOOD. God, I love to eat and this place did not disappoint with their never ending line of dishes served right to our table from genuinely kind and very professional wait staff. Kale Caesar salad, parmesan crusted calamari, strip steak, rib nibblets, fried chicken, pasta with brussel sprouts, spicy cod, an entire SEAFOOD bar with lobster tails, jumbo prawns, mussels, clams, oysters, and crab- AWESOME! I was nervous about getting so tanked and not having any food to eat, but I was never in need of something to shove into my gaping mouth, and I will definitely go back there for a dinner.

4) The booze. I love, love, love champagne, a French 75, Seven &Sevens, Martinis, good scotch, tequila…well, without looking like too much a drunken lush, we’ll leave it at I love good booze. And when it’s all free, with top shelf liquor, quality bartenders, and hours to pass, well needless-to-say, it’s so hard to not get OVER THE TOP festive. I managed to be very well behaved…minus ONE TINY INCIDENT, where I recall chatting with my regional boss for a long, long time. About what, you ask? God only knows. We had a long discussion about sugar cookies, our tricks for office success with certain “challendg…and maybe dressing issues? Enough chatter that I should have excused myself earlier, but maybe not so much that I embarrassed myself too terribly. I was quite nervous the next day though…you don’t want your boss to know you TOO well…or do you?

5) Being dressed up with my fella. I’ve been feeling that this is one of the better holiday seasons R and I have had together, and I’m not sure if that is because we’re in an exceptionally good place, have found our knack for surviving the holidays, or I just enjoy his company and think he’s foxy. Either or, I loved getting all glammed out, and rocking my Kardashian hair. The gym has been paying off (although the holiday’s booze fest, candy indulgences, and delicious food isn’t helping), I just got my hair cut (ONLY 2 inches people!), was wearing a new dress, and felt really girly and festive. Roy came decked out in one of his magical 1970’s dress jackets (this one was green velour) and a good attitude. It’s nice to be with your partner, be googlie eyed, in love and happy. Creates good vibes for everyone.

This season there should be a lot of parties, and I’m really looking forward to relaxing with good people, and a festive mood to ring in the new year. I reckon 2012 is going to be a good year….


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