And so we greet, party, and bid good night to the Christmas season once again, and I ask you all: Was it everything you hoped it would be??

For your sake, I wish it so.

Me, on the other hand, I find holidays to be such anticlimatic time because once it’s over, it’s OVER. I start the entire season in November, when it suddenly occurs to me that I need to start thinking about putting funds aside for gifts, food, events, trips, etc. For two weeks, I eat nothing but soup, and hope it’s enough to A) keep me a few pounds lighter before the eating frenzy begins B) keep me a few pounds heavier (pounds = british pound sterling = UK currency…never mind) so as to not have to worry about being a bit “merry” and frivolous with my holiday makers and C) keep me in a hungry enough mood to stay driven and focused to get through the wrapping, drinking, driving, shopping, dressing, and CHRISTMAS CARD WRITING.

There is one thing I truly love and fight to do every year during the holidays, something which I now am seeing as a dying art form, and the one aspect of sincerity I offer during a time of “oh, just give them that- they’ll return it anyway” and “It’s all I could find in your size…I hope you like it…”; Christmas Cards. Sometimes I see myself as a stalker- chasing down addresses from those both close and far to me, only to obtain half of them, and get no response from the other half. I make the effort to have each and every card be personalized to the family and person that it is addressed, writing something different and special in each one to connect through the written word.

I like my handwriting.
I like getting mail.
I think the work that goes into each one is even more precious than a gift, and even though I get discouraged doing it every year, I love it SO MUCH at the same time.

No wonder I drink throughout the process.

And then there is the constant cycle of parites one must, should, and does want to attend. But what to wear? the red dress or the green sweater and velvet slacks? And if I chose the red dress, can I wear my hear down in curls or will that not work with my casual outfit for the second party???

What about wine as a gift? Oh wait, the second cousin of the my sister’s husband’s sister, who just showed up this year can’t be around alcohol…so then, chocolate almonds instead? No, not that either, my friend’s boyfriend’s daughter is allergic. A Candle? Soap? Shit…

Quickly google all the addresses in each county we plan on driving to for the day (Marin, Sonoma, San Francisco, San Mateo…) and decipher the fastest route to each coinceiding with the time and theme of the different parties (Christmas brunch, gift exchange and cocktails, sit down dinner, desserts with tacky white elephant). By the time you show up to your fourth fiesta, changed three times, brought different yet still thoughtful gifts, settle down have a cocktail, hug and kiss those not seen in a year, and snack, it’s time to leave and go to the next locale.

IT’S EXHAUSTING. And I cheated and bought store made desserts…sorry, NO TIME FOR HOME COOKED TREATS, PEOPLE!

Highlights of the last 72 hours-

1. Egg nog with burbon at the Baker’s.
2. Will Jr. in his “First Christmas” bib.
3. Kindle Fire.
4. Homemade earrings (GOOOO NINERS!)
5. The magic mist-er (AS SEEN ON TV), complete with fanny packs!
6. “I’m dressing Ghengis Khan, I’M DRESSING GHENGIS KHAN!!”. My sister homemaking a Ghengis Khan doll for Roy following a dream he had, using a Justin Beiber barbie and warlord accessories.
7. “I get to take a bath for two with Bobby?…who is Bobby?”, says my Mother upon receiving my present from Roy who forgot to put his name instead of the template name “Bobby” on my gift certificates.
8. Elf. Thank you Will.
9. Getting that exciting feeling Christmas morning, even when you know it’s not a big deal anymore but still feel like it is.
10. Being with family.

So, as I get ready to depart to New Orleans with my man and my peeps, I wish all of you the best of the holidaze, hope that it was a great one with no blacking out in the bathroom of your boyrfriend’s step-mother home (That did not happen to me.) and that we’ll all do it again next year.

Happy Brithday, Jesus, and Happy Holidays to all!!!






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