Weekend of Winning- GREAT SUCCESS!

A Weekend of Winning- DUH!

I want to commemorate this past weekend, specifically the 14th of January, where two monumental moments exploded all over my life- and what tasty treats they were!
Roy has asked me what was my favorite moment of the weekend, and I immediately blurted out, “NINER WIN!”. Now that might seem like an incredibly rude and insensitive thing to not only say, but know, believe, and understand. I mean, we did land our wedding venue as well on Saturday. WOOT!

However, as I explained, we would have found a venue eventually, and we will still be getting married regardless…BUT THE NINERS BEAT THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS FOR A CHANCE AT THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

I died. I seriously died and then came back to life, and then died, and then cried, and then laughed, and then cried. I haven’t felt this giddy watching a Niner game in my home since I was a kid, with my Dad, on our tiny TV in the same room, same house, with the same emotion: Joy; over the top, sincere, from the gut of my heart, joy.
There have been two other endings in 49er History that have created as much enthusiasm and spirit as Vernon Davis’ “grab” on Saturday. Let us not forget those momentous occasions when Montana and Young, two of the 49ers greatest players, quarterbacks, and leaders led their team to victory with unbelievable passes, deliveries, and touchdowns to propel the Niners to greatness.

And now we get to add Alex Smith to that list of QBs, who at the most desperate and necessary of times, GOT.HIS.SHIT.DONE.

From all us fans to you, Alex Smith, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!!!

I can only pray for the same determination and drive to overcome the NY Giants this coming Sunday.

But this past weekend wasn’t ONLY about football…no,no,no- this weekend was about WINNING!! And as a winner, it meant that I found after hours and hours of freaking mind numbing research, A WEDDING VENUE!!

Now it’s important to know that Roy and I are NOT doing a super traditional wedding, and it was almost SUPER critical that we found a spot that allowed for all the things that WE wanted.

Be with me here:

1) Jumpy House – we have friends, those friends have kids, our friends love to drink…hence, the jumpy house. Nothing funnier than kids and drunk adults partying together in an air house.
2) MUSICA – How can we go to a place that makes us cut off the music at an early hour?! We’re here to freaking part-tay, and that means dancing, singing, and being obnoxious until the early hours.
3) A Place We Could Sleep – my Dirty 30 was in Tahoe, where I rented a house for all my peeps to stay so we could actually BE together and spend some time in the same area, rather than a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of feeling. Let’s get cozy.
4) BBQ – if you haven’t met us, WE LIKE MEAT. And if I thought about times when I was super happy and fed, it was eating BBQ’d meat (especially SAUSAGES!!), pasta salad, fruit salad, and beer. So, rather than fancy shamancy…WE WANT MEAT, WE WANT MEAT. This place has 3 outside grills, and for that, I’m so grateful.
5) Our Dog – I’m not into any place that disses my little apple chicken sausage, AKA Rusty Bear. If he can’t come, we don’t want to be there. He’s my mascot, Roy’s wingman, and the most dapper attendant in his tuxedo collar.
6) Parking – no valets, just a horse area that is now abandoned for everyone and their Muthas.
7) White Christmas lights on every tree, bush, etc….already there. I really just wanted lights twinkling all around and this venue not only provides them, but has them in UBER bulk.
8) FIRE PIT!!! S’mores, hot dogs, being warm…just lovely
9) Available on a popular date in August. Everything is already booked.

Not to mention that this locale is called, “Shady Farms”, which I knew would grip my love whose pen name is the Shady Slug. It all seemed to fall into a perfect place – AND THE FREAKING DATE WAS AVAILABLE. The owner was super chill, liked us, liked our vibe, and said we could do pretty much whatever we wanted. ANYTHING WE WANT!

Now we just have to:

1)Save the date email
2) Print and mail invitations
3) Get photographer
4) Music
5) Food and Booze
6) Clothing (not optional…unfortunately); Bride, groom, attendants, parents…
7) Rings
8) Flowers
9) Justice of the Peace
10) Catering Rentals
11) Caterers
12) Wedding Party gifts
13) Guest take home baggies
14) Guest Book
15) Desserts

….Ok, now I’m stressed out and tired….I need a nap….Enough Wedding talk- LET’S GO NINERS!!!!


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