We’ll Get ‘Em Next Year…

It hurt. I’m not going to lie or be over dramatic, but seeing the ‘9ers lose the NFC Championship to the NY Giants in overtime was defeating, heartbreaking, and such a bummer. I can’t say that I was surprised in the end. Once I witnessed Alex Smith revert back into his old, scared, no scoring pass plays – I knew we were done for. And Roy and I sat together, quietly holding hands, knowing in our heart of hearts that this was our last game for the season.

But what a season!! It was REAL pleasure to be a 49er fan this year, a rebuke to the last decade of being booed, tsked, and ignored. I’m not really into fairweather fans…and there doesn’t even seem to be enough fans at all, but it was nice to get an occasional high five and a “GO NINERS” across the street.

So, here comes baseball (BOOOOO!) and tennis (YAY!!!) until my boys comes back next year and claim their 6th Superbowl Championship.

Until then, Faithfuls.


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