I’m Calling a Time Out!



Today, and maybe for the next couple of days, I’m calling a TIME OUT on all this wedding business. I’m burnt out and need to defrag from my project management overload.

Now, don’t confuse what I’m saying here. I’m not UNHAPPY to be planning this wedding, but when you’re waking up 2-3 times a night yelling out, “add activities to the website!”, “get your ring finger sized!”, “Kalua pork or tri-tip???”….yeah, I’m tired today.

I see why I am SUCH a good student, and task master, but why I always have to be watching my stress levels. When I get immersed in a project, really any project, I have the same formula that I use for success, time in and time out. Lists upon lists, monthly calendars laid out side by side (to see the greater picture…literally), to do charts (now, soon, later categories), and persistence. And then I get TOO many lists, TOO antsy about timelines, TOO insistent…TOO much.

Like I said, I’m tired.

So rather than today googling for hours over possible dresses, tuxes, rings, and caterer choices, I’m going to do my work, go to yoga, think about what I want to make for dinner, and try to get 30 minutes with my fiancée without talking about wedding crap or student teaching. I can see how easily people get into these bubbles of doom where they don’t eat, drink, or speak about anything but their current project and it’s BORING.


I need to practice my cello as I’m trying to learn a new cleft (wait…is this still boring??? Yes, but learning something this new is so hard!), grocery shop, and give some time to my homeWORK (yes, I now have work to do at home for my job. Dedication- HARD WORK. Dedication- HARD WORK. Hard Work- DEDICATION!)
So really I didn’t want to say anymore than I’m weddinged out, I’m grouchy today, and the weather stinks.

…hmmm….should the bridesmaid’s dresses be short or long…NO!! STOP!!! DAMN-IT CL!

HA! Hope your day is good.


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