I could live with Groundhog Day, today and everyday.

Hell Hath Frozen Over, fact.

“OMG. O-M-G!!”

So, obviously today is amazing already, and if I weren’t in a tiny cubicle with 50 people in close proximity I would be jumping around and hooting. WOOT- WOOT!

But because I can’t do that for so many obvious reasons, I’ll tell y’all why I’m so stoked and booty dancing (quietly, of course).

#1) I got a call just now from two family friends that are as dear to me as oxygen and water saying that they COULD NOT come to our wedding in August.

BUMMER!! Why??? What??? How can I possibly happy about this?!?!

BECAUSE THEY’RE PREGGERS!!! Baby #2 is on the way, due date a week after the wedding, and although I think it could be radness times one thousand if they did come over and the wee baby was delivered AT the wedding, alas, that’s too weird and gross for anyone to handle. It’s so awesome that they are having a second, they are such a lovely couple and I really couldn’t be happier for them and what an AWESOME month August, 2012 is turning into.

#2) I think I’ve discussed a bit about the way my hierarchical job is built, but just in case I haven’t, I have a LOT of bosses. And it just so happens that the BIG CHEESE, the HEAD HONCHO, the REAL DEAL came up to my desk and said that I did excellently on a project that I had prepared for her.


I don’t know if it’s the saddest thing in the world or the most bad ass thing that this has just happened and this is my reaction to it, however, who cares?!?! I did something great and got recognition for it and that makes me swoon with teacher’s pet JOY. I’ve been putting in my little weight here and there trying to get some head way into this person’s viewing spectrum, and hopefully this is the start to a symbiotic work relationship with my client and in my job. (it’s about time…)

#3) Our wedding invitations came. Which means they’ll go out this weekend. Which means- IT’S OFFICIAL!! Wedding Bonaza, HERE WE COME! (keep an eye out…they’re coming for ya!)

Ok, back to work, I have more impressing to do. Xxxx


2 thoughts on “I could live with Groundhog Day, today and everyday.

  1. Teacher I’m sure will give you a pat on the head, well done. Somehow I’m sure you were recognised, even if no recognition, but hey you’ve got it now, the start of great things.

    Luckily as this is baby #2 we can still come and will make a huge great holiday out of it, any excuse, just need a little bit of looking after, well barely!

    Keep it up, can’t wait till August, besides it’s really freezzzzing here!

    Love ya x


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