BLAH. (noun-adjective-verb)

What smart person word do they use when the way they actually feel is described by the word itself.

For example, if I say that I feel, “blah” I’m sure that most of you will understand immediately what that means. But just in case you grew up in a cave and never heard or felt the word blah, it means uninspired, bored, lackadasical, humph (another good sounding word), whatever, and over it. And I’m ALL of these things.

I find as I get older, I can’t keep myself occupied as easily as I did before. Everything isn’t exciting and fun, in fact, I have a hard time making things upbeat and interesting. And, honestly, I’m struggling to find out what this really means. Am I becoming less of an interesting/ed person as I get older or are things becoming so irrelevant that I don’t want to understand or give them meaning anymore? I don’t know which wich is which, but I do feel very much like all I want to do is get in my bed and watch movies.

ALL KINDS OF MOVIES, in fact. In my current state of blahness, I just want to zone out to other people’s comings and goings. Is it better being involved with Bruce Willis’ problems than my own? YES! Does it matter that Wall-E needs to save Eva rather than me grocery shopping? OF COURSE! Would I rather give my time to Ryan Gosling in his 1980’s homage to cars and being a bad ass than think about why I’m not in a doctoral program? OBVIOUSLY!

The last week has just been so blah that I’m now realizing that if I don’t strongly grab onto to something in reality and make it my own, I’ll wake up and it’ll be March and, although I will probably be incredibly rested, will have lost a month of life to netflixs, Project Runway All-Stars, The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Glee, and Color Smash. (It actually seems to nice…)

Just grouchy, I guess. I miss traveling. I miss England. I miss feeling like there was promise in the world. oh god…I need to watch a movie immediately.

Miserable weather.


3 thoughts on “BLAH. (noun-adjective-verb)

  1. If you’re going to watch a movie anyway, may I recommend Cinema Paradiso. It’s like a love letter to the history of film and also a wonderful love story.


  2. Oh dude I FEEL YA. Been feeling that way all month to be honest. Like the grind is just pretty much the grind without meaning, wonder or purpose. But somehow I feel this way every February. Weird. Unfortunately I have nothing inspiring to say, as usual, except that this shit always passes. For me at least. Something usually pops up and steals my mind and heart for a few minutes. I frequently miss the awe and wonder of my former life in Spain and around – but I realize the wonder must come from some place within – some untapped inner resource – or I’d get just as BLAH in Borneo or Barcelona or traveling the world.

    I think you’re wonderful.


  3. I DREAM about staying in bed to watch movies!!! Let yourself do it! Although it sounds like you might be overdoing it. Strange things happen during engagement…it’s an interesting time. I think you need a weekend trip!!!


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