California is a Trip

California is a Trip

No- No, I don’t mean “trip” as in hippies and LSD, Santa Cruz and Jack Kerouac, smoking pot and LA traffic. Good Lord people, get your heads clear.By California being a trip, I literally mean you have to travel…by car….over long periods of distance…. to see and do anything.

And being totally honest here, I can’t stand it.

I don’t live near my work, my friends, or my family. If I want to get to any of these destinations, I have to commute…in traffic…for 45 minutes plus. Gas is so expensive, other drivers on the road are…(PC, be PC here…) incredibly difficult, and time is never on your side. I guess to even imagine a useful implementation of an underground or more extensive BART is out of the question.

As a prime, get me all bummed out, example, yesterday was a friend’s birthday and she wasn’t having a super day. Well, no one wants to have an unsuper birthday, no matter what they tell you, and I wanted to visit her and give her some CL cheer. Unfortunately, she lives far. Real far. And in actuality it’s not soooooo far, but at night in traffic, it’s far. So I didn’t/couldn’t go and that fact made me mad and sad.

I love my people, I love my family, and I love the love that they in turn give back to me, which I need A LOT. In order to see my best friend, I drove to LA and back for the long weekend, and missed seeing my other friends while I was there because they were out of town. I don’t make it to LA that often, and I want to see everyone when I can. But in this case, I got 1-3 and I missed so much seeing my other homies.

Is this silly? A waste of energy? Too particular? These are all viable questions. But my answer to all of them is the same is NO. Some days I would just like to live in a small town where everyone is my rad friend, and I can walk to everyone’s house. That actually sounds really incestuous, but still kind of rad. I can make cheese and butter at my place, Gerald can have the fashion house, Lis the uber cool home….you get the idea. Everyone is together and life is easy.

But that IS silly. Life isn’t easy and you have to have to have to fight to stay close with the people that matter in your life because before you know it, years have slipped by and ties have grown so thin they hardly exist. It’s a tiring process, but a rewarding one if managed. Some days I just need a girlfriend to hold my hand, a group of friends to have a laugh, and bonding time with my sisters to feel complete.


So, to those of you out there that I love so dearly, call me, write me, visit me, and let me do the same. Some time…this year…if possible.

No pressure.



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