All Kinds of Cattywhompus

All Kinds of Cattywhompus

I’m sure it’s because I’m reading book two of “Game of Thrones” and concurrently watching Downton Abbey season two right before bed, however, I’m having all kinds of funky, real life, war style, British speaking dreams. And because of these all-consuming nighttime visions, I wake up in the morning and feel all kinds of cattywhompus, which lasts a lot longer than the remembrance of the dreams.

Turns out, sometimes being awake is just as creepy and odd as sleeping. I’m tired by the time I wake up and a little bit edgy, as well, making all real life interactions and life situations seem more surreal than usual. Today, especially, I’m bushed.

I have this light fluttering in my chest which makes my subconscious feel like I’m missing something constantly. Because of this sensation, I can’t quite relax all the way. One minute I’m working on a report, and the next minute I’m looking around my desk for a small dwarf and his wildlings to come hack me down. I had a lunch meeting today and the entire time I was sure that half of us were Lords and Ladies, while the other half were our servants and should not speak until spoken to.

I’m trying to change up my nighttime activities (mostly meaning not vegging out in front of the tube watching Gossip Girl, American Idol, or Glee) by reading, practicing my cello, and watching PBS. But look what’s happening in its stead!! I’m sure that I’m fighting other Kingdoms during WWI, with chainmail and boiled leather as my only defense in trench warfare…oh, and I have a bitching English accent.

Because I’m tired, things that wouldn’t shake me quite so much, just are. Roy’s Dad is ill and has been recovering in the hospital for a solid week now. Today, after speaking to his Mom, I got weepy and emotional feeling like I was returned to a previous life where I knew intimately about father’s being sick and all the rest. I KNOW that I’m being sensitive because I’m pooped and nervous, but I want to be strong and supportive for my other family and not react to my own self.

Also wedding stuff is grating on my nerves more than I would like. The issue of the RSVP has actually made my head split with frustration. When one puts an RSVP date on an invitation, one usually assumes that if someone wants to come or not, THEY SHOULD TELL THE HOST!! When you’re trying to rent tables, chairs, food, location insurance, etc., YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW MANY FREAKING PEOPLE ARE COMING!!!!

Sorry…my bad. I should watch my (written) yelling.

Maybe today is not because I’m tired or worn out from period pieces and kingslayers. It could be because when I got to my car yesterday after work, I found my front window shattered. Love the park and ride.

I guess the message of this post is: only watch simple cartoons before bed, read something in gibberish (NASDAQ index maybe…), and don’t invite people to anything with a price on their heads. Oh yah, don’t leave your car at a park & ride under a highway.

On the brightest of sides, everything else is well. HURRAY!


2 thoughts on “All Kinds of Cattywhompus

  1. chill the hell out about RSVP! You can’t begin to harass people until AFTER the deadline YOU gave to them. What would lady grantham think of such behaviour? Yes, as you have guessed we, too, are obsessed with downtown abbey!!


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