Party Like It’s 1996!!

Man oh Man! I’ve STILL GOT IT!!!

Not that I’m actually sure what “it” really is…could be a multitude of different things that are either super wicked fresh, or just alcoholism in its most adolescent form.

However, what I feel that “it” is for me is the ability to go and rock out a solid 72 hours filled with tears, laughter, music, dancing, eating, dancing again…dancing alone…and being with beautiful people who do gud by my heart.

Because I’m so freaking sensitive all the time about pretty much everything, I felt an extreme amount of overwhelming love to be able to be around people who treat themselves well, love each other openly and with vigor, and have space in their bubbles for a lady such as myself.

Not to mention, I got to do a few new things this past weekend, and see a few places that I had not yet explored so thoroughly. And new stuff is cool. Duh.

Let’s talk about the new stage of life for us “thirtysomethings”. This includes miserable jobs, tiny children, limited budgets, bbqing, tequila, farmers markets, animals, messy homes, stories of youth, early nights, early mornings, and controlled free time. Now much of that might sound actually quite horrible, all of it seems so lovely and available to me. R and I were invited over to some new friends SUPER adorable home, where fresh fruit littered the oak table in their sunroom- easy for picking and sharing, homemade lime-aid complemented our tequila, bbq sausages felt like my last great meal on earth, playing with their fab 1 year old (who peed all over me and all we did was laugh like she has made a diamond with her poo…she didn’t), and chatting as we sat on the porch watching the day meander by. No stress, no strain. So comfortable.

And not like this is new to me. This is what I LIVE for. Long lunches, dinners that turn into midnight revivals, all while drinking and eating with the best people in the world. But what I had forgotten was that I might be able to have a little of this comfort in a place that still seems so uncomfortable to me. I always used to say I was born to be old.

Where’s my rocking chair, again???

But then I go and amp it up a notch to place I forgot I could also reside so well- INSANITY!

It just so happens that I live in a stunning part of the world (where I outwardly acknowledge or not) and I was invited up to a mystical land called Healdsburg, where I was wined and dined to much of the same degree that I so love, but then allowed to go stark raving mad, and get out all the frustrations, awkward moments, and misunderstandings BY DANCING YOUR FACE OFF.

People, if you haven’t met me personally, or just don’t know me at all, let me properly introduce myself- I, am Dancing Nancy. And what I love to do most is dance, by myself ,as hard as I like, and truly believe that NO ONE is watching. I can rock the spork out.

And I did, for hours. After a lovely outside dinner with good people, we crashed a wine store that was shutting its doors for the Sunday evening. But with such GOOD looking, charismatic people, the shop owner who can only be called “Banana Pants” or more aptly, and idiot savant , allowed us to come into his shop and SHUT IT DOWN. They even locked the door after awhile, because our party was not to be tainted by other possible crazies. I had an outright dance off with a drink cooler, and I totally kick its….butt?

I haven’t had that much good ol’ fashioned silly fun since I worked at Southside Bar and lock ins were epic!

But what I left with the next day, including the desperate need for a Bloody Maria, was new contacts in my phone who love to cook, travel, tell stories, hug, high five, booty shake, share, laugh, and accept. I REALLY appreciated my Healdsburg 24, and felt a moment of comfort return to my senses, with the knowledge that quality insanity can bring sanity and I should search for my own madness to be normal.

Hope your weekend was filled with goodness as well.







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