I just need to talk about it…

I love pork products. You all know this. It’s no freaking secret. In truth, bacon and sausage are my two real best friends.

I could never give up pork.

But we have said goodbye to beef in my house. And after the first month of cowlessness, I’m feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster of emotion that may or may not having anything to do with the actual cow.

What has happened is more along the lines of having to make CHANGE…and I’m not sure how stellar I am at this when push comes to shove. Especially when we’re talking about foooood.

Even though I’d like to imagine I’m a super free spirit, can roll with the punches and swim with the fishes (yeahhhh, that’s totally me), I see that I’m also a total creature of habit. When I lived in Bangkok, I ate in the same restaurant every day, at least one meal. I liked that the staff knew me, chatted with me, took care of me. When we’re home, R and I drink at the same dives, eat at the same places, and feel accepted into the foodie culture of our own little town.

Take for example, our favorite Mexican (American) restaurant, CELIA’S, where I would eat once a week if my pants would allow. For my grande meal there (try to not upchuck in your mouth), I would have a shredded beef enchilada and a ground beef taco. FREAKING PERFECTION IN MY MOUTH!! Omg…just thinking about it makes my stomach growl.

But now- NO BEEF FOR YOU!!!

And upon taking R for dinner to celebrate the completion of his teaching credential, I was forced to accept a menu form my favorite server who looked shocked that we even asked for them, skimmed through the pages of deliciousness until I landed upon….a shredded pork salad…

Um, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking than I’m thinking – SALAD?!?! Where is the freaking velveta??? It’s not that it wasn’t tasty, to be fair, it just wasn’t my dirty tasty meal.

And then there’s the invites out to dinner, first to Cattleman’s Steak House, and then to Stark’s Steak House. Both parties knew R and I were giving up beef…funny stuff, family.

So I had pork ribs (POOOORK!) and duck comfit mac&cheese. Both dishes were awesome, and I’d eat them both again. But when everyone else at the table is having steak…I did pause for a second to wonder what and why were we trying to change up our eating lifestyle, which I hold so near and dear to me?

Because we have discipline, and know that red meat isn’t the safest, or easiest product for us to live with. I still eat everything else I like (minus unnecessary sweets, salts, fats, and calories…) but for the principle of NOT eating beef, I’m just not. We have a problem all over the world with how we treat our animals that become our food, and for that, it makes me feel weird.

I drive down to LA and every time I do, I get the hibbie jibbies just looking at all those animals living on the 5 freeway, all in one space, where the smell drives me to sniff my underarms which is a bouquet of roses compared, and the vision keeps me ponderous for miles afterwards.

I don’t need beef. I miss beef, but I don’t need it for the time being.

So, here’s to pork- the KING of meat, and his minions chicken, duck, fish, and lamb. Thank you for your sacrifices.


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