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Allison Eats

This past weekend was of course, Memorial Day; A notorious backyard barbecue holiday. Whether or not you hosted or attended, there’s always an opportunity to provide delicious side dishes to go with those burgers and dogs, and this recipe will do the job!

While we actually didn’t host one ourselves this weekend, we did host a small barbecue a few weekends ago, when I made this Paleo Coleslaw. How is coleslaw originally NOT paleo, you ask? Well, its a pretty fine line, but regular coleslaw uses store-bought mayonnaise, which is most often made using canola oil; And we cave-people like to avoid seed oils. So to combat that I figured, why not make my own mayo? Homemade mayo can be very easy or very tricky-it’s all about the slow and steady drizzle! Once I was on my third attempt I finally got it, and the result was pretty decent. The texture was perfect…

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