The Lost Art

It has been made known to me that I have a “potty” mouth.

As in, I like to curse.

A lot.

My Mom used to say that I must have eaten a whole ship of sailors to expel such dirty, outlandish, immature, nonsense. I say, I consumed all the sea men in the world (!).

But as much as I love to say the absolute crassest things that pop into my head, whether it’s to look cool, make a point, or have simply run out of educated witticisms, I always have class, manners, and am polite.

Shit, fuckers, I can make even the douchiest, asshole comments sound fucking sweet ass, by just adding two mother fucking words: PLEASE & THANK YOU.

…so now I ask, what’s so hard with that?..???

I see disrespect everywhere these days. Rudeness, the middle finger, spontaneous screaming matches with strangers, cut offs, the up/down look, whispering, snickering, and general bad behavior on every street corner, in every Prius, on school grounds, business lots, and wide open spaces.

People almost kind of HATE each other…

But then someone does the unthinkable.

They wave, or smile.

They let you cut in front of them in the grocery line because all you have is milk, cheese, and Ben & Jerry’s, whereas they are buying food for all the sea men I ate, who are now staying at their house.

They brake just a tiny touch as to allow for your car to slip in front of theirs while trying to navigate the 405 at 5PM on a Friday. And then they DON’T ride your ass to communicate that they weren’t happy with that decision.

Or let’s break it down to something even more basic and possibly understandable.

When we ask for something from someone, we say the word PLEASE.

When someone does something for us that is even remotely for us, say THANK YOU.

It goes, PLEASE and THANK YOU.




Ok…I have to stop…but honestly, the way I’ve been treated in the last few days I’m feeling like I need to make this my meditation mantra so that I can at least feel like I’ve heard it.

For example: coworkers who throw “projects” on my desk and walk away without either a PLEASE or THANK YOU.

Not cool.

Or when I’m asked to do a favor for a friend and am never given a PLEASE or THANK YOU before I’ve done the deed, only later to wake up to the fact that I’m giving it away for FREE.

People, I’m not asking much of you here.

I’m not trying to get you to be NICE, for God’s sake. I don’t want you to change your entire beings to helping the needy, and bettering yourselves.


…Thank you for reading. Please come again. Xxx


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