Mini Vaca: RE-YES

As I sit here, I’m actually stumped on how to write the 4 words, “I am burnt out” in a new and exciting way. Between my 8-5, physco working out, wedding hunting and slaughter, my own self-pity parties, and attempting to be cheerful, I find that I’m burning the respective candle at all ends, and it is wearing me down.

So what does one do when they can’t do anything?? TAKE A MINI VACATION!!

And so that’s what Roy and I did. We grabbed life by the britches and went on a trashy mini hols to the biggest little town in the world, RE-NO. And it’s important to place massive emphasis on the “NO” of Reno. I mean…who needs a full set of teeth? No one in Reno, apparently.

But I digress.

Roy and I drove up on Friday night, and met up with our rowdy group who had taken one entire floor of the hotel we were staying in, making us “that” party who needed to be segregated in order to not piss off the other hotel guests. Fine with us. Roy and I were so excited that we had, FOR THE FIRST TIME, our own hotel room. Once I realized that we had never been on holiday alone, let alone stayed in a private room, I was downright giddy. We had our own place AND a kitchenette- LIFE IS GOOD.

Now as far as I could tell, Reno has a lot and not a lot all at the same time. Yes there are casinos, but empty and sad ones. Yes there are shows, but no one seemed interested in MJ’s Tribute Tour (burn!). Yes there are activities, but dome spotting should probably not have been the highlight.

But I partied the only way I knew how in Reno, I’m one for experiences.

I gambled and lost.

I drank long island ice teas, free ones, and should have stopped while I was ahead.

I ate too much “all you care to eat” sushi.

Napped too long after the Beer and Blues Festival.

Went to bed too early to be youthful.

…And all of it was awesome; we both needed it.

Can’t say Reno was the best city I ever visited, just felt like something was missing in it’s make-up. But with the awesome group of friends that we went with, our precious free time, and a relaxed attitude, it was perfect.










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