Desserts for the summer, YES!!!

Allison Eats

Yesterday, Ashley and I spent a few hours basking in the early summer sun and picking strawberries over at Linvilla Orchards. I’d only ever been to Linvilla for apple and pumpkin picking, but they offer “pick-your-own” throughout the harvest season, so why limit it to autumn? We had perfect weather, and a great time, strolling the rows of berry plants and digging around to fill up our little cardboard boxes with these adorable little gems. The ultimate goal of our venture, of course, was to bake pie afterwards; And strawberry-rhubarb is Ashley’s favorite.

Fun farmin’! Note Ashley’s adorable strawberry dress!

Still following the primal blueprint, I was excited that Ashley was up for the challenge of creating grain and sugar-free pies. The real trick was finding a good recipe for a paleo pie crust, and I’ve had this one pinned for some time now so it was the perfect…

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