America is a strong, independent country…much like myself, really.

HAPPY 4th of JULY, AFTER 4th of JULY!!

There is certain things are SO Summer, even if you don’t have a Summer vacation, on that one day, celebrating that one thing, it can feel like you’re right back in high school, waiting to get to the Marin County fair to ride the rides, play the rigged games, eat the crap (bacon wrapped hotdogs and chili cheese fries!), watch in childhood wonder at the big bangs and ‘splotions in the night sky, and kiss your sweetheart in those charming photo booths.

This year, our dear family friends, who snuck away to Oregon in the middle of the night, came back for a week long visit and bond we did. There is something to be said for coming back to events one loved as a child/teen with a new generation of children (either yours or others…in this case, others) and seeing how fun things can be all over again. I haven’t applied this practice to Disneyland but after how awesome the fair was with a group of tinys, I can only imagine how rad it will be with fresh eyes and excitment.

At our neighborhood fair, Roy and I braved the ferris wheel together (ok…I lied by using the word braved…really I shit my pants and forbade Roy to rock our cart even the slightest as I was sure that my emminent death was to be listed in the Marin IJ the following day with the headline, “Woman dies in freak child-size ferris wheel accident- what a pansy!”. I didn’t want to spoil his fun by literally screaming my way off the metal death trap, so I focused my TOTAL attention to the fried chicken shake across the park, and mentally memorized every detail and menu item a fried food shack can have before our turn was over, and more 5 year old children could board for their turn to ride.

But we also bumper car-ed, rode another children’s ride (the flying planes that actually didn’t go up and down, but just went around and around in a circle- not even scary a little!), ate sausage sandwiches, won a stuffed $100 bill from the water gun game (Roy is only a little bit competitive when it comes to these pointless and silly games, but when the attendant saw that he was not going to “let me win” he blocked his target so that I would win the GRAND prize. HA!).

We got dirty, sticky, and hot…and WITH our clothes on! HOW FUN!

It was yet another mini-vacation in the marathon to get to our wedding fornight where I can actually feel like it’s a real summer filled with nothing, more of nothing, and a lot of not-a-lot…oh yeah…get married too.

Have I mentioned I need a vacation?









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