Here’s the real sexiness


Maybe because it’s hot, or I’m working out so much, thirsty all of the time, eating better and less, energized for something, anything that is tasty, et voila!!

Who doesn’t want sex and bacon TOGETHER?????

At the moment I’m so freaking pooped out from life that even the thought of bacon wrapped around my fiancée, wrapped around The Bachelorette season finale, wrapped around tequila sounds like a gift from
God, but I still have NO power to do anything about it.

In fact, I let my fatigued type A personality take over on Tuesday and just started crying at my desk at work. It was the straw that broke this camel, not the anvil. Regardless, I was watching myself from outside the insanity and could see that I was behaving like a child; so tired I’m throwing a hissy fit.

So I went home. In the middle of the day. Cried and went to sleep for 12 hours.

Shockingly enough, I felt fine on Wednesday.

As my 33rd birthday approaches and, of course, the wedding, I think it’s time that this little buckaroo learned delegation, relaxation, and regulation. Once all that happens, maybe I can enjoy some of this fun stuff…



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