Declared Alone Time…

My sister wrote me this email and it was so precious and so “right on” that I posted it just to remind all of us to take ME TIME.

Whether you’re a bride or a momma, a sister or a friend, take time to enjoy. Anichaaaaaaaa.
> “I” rebelled yesterday…
> “I” elected not to go to Sea World in San Antonio w/ Scott and the kids the Prukops and “The Group”
> Instead, I worked out in the Hotel Gym for 2 hrs.. Took an hour long bath, kept letting the water out to put new hot water in… rented a naughty Jude Law movie then I took a nap. > ALONE… ALL wrapped up in muahness… Enjoying my muchness. > I figured out, I have not had a day ALONE in nearly a decade.
> Then, I dated myself… I took my muchness… out to DInner to a very romantic restaurant … Called Bohanan’s and I celebrated my aloneness w/ a serious Caesar Salad w/ White Anchovies, Grilled Oysters, > and Truffle French Fries…
> As I toasted myself, I smiled, because Scott will be in San Luis Obispo Golphing this weekend, and it’s all give and take… He returned w/ kiddo’s after a long day in 100 degree weather, long lines and seeing the Evening Shamu show Around 10:00. > I walked my muchness back to the Hotel around 12:00.
> I was actually so nervous to go out alone, I almost stayed in and ordered room service. I really had to give me a huge “Pep Talk” to do it. > The Stuart Gurrl Lives!



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