Making Change and Taking Names

I’ve been inspired people. And for not having had any sort of specific upper lately (minus the wedding). But this particular high, I was so comforted and excited to feel that rush in my chest of possibility and hope. And that’s all I have that keeps me going, hope and international flight tickets.

(side note: just bought tickets to London, Morocco, and Fiji for the coming 6 months and I seriously want to puke with joy!!! Eat that global community! Roy and I WILL NOT BE STOPPED, we’re coming for y’all!!!)

But don’t let me digress par usual, let’s stick to the facts this time.

I found out recently that a friend I’ve had since high school has been transferred through her job to the LONDON office, and that she’s moving in the next two weeks. So, naturally, I went to see her to get some good quality loving time in before I’d need a passport to do it again. And listening to her mutter about packing, where to find apartments, what the weather will be like (a critical topic before venturing into iceman’s land), I suddenly remembered that I have dreams and hopes that need to have a little of that special lovin’ directed their way.

There is this crazy tight rope of uncertainty that has existed in my mind (only in my own mind – other people have normal thoughts…well, not Janelle, but everyone else) between freedom and being able to go and move whenever, versus, stability and roots.


But can both exist in one person?

So then, I had another conversation this week another friend who felt challenged by this clash upon receiving some money from relative with the spoken intent that it should go towards buying a house. But what if the friend didn’t want a house? What if that kind of responsibility was too great of a weight on their shoulders that they almost would want to return the money and avoid the topic altogether?

Now that’s pressure that I can understand.

But I want to have both. I want to live where I want to, which will give me the illusion of a reality bathed in freedom and movement, while working in a stable job, making a nice life with my husband, and seeing my friends regularly to talk about nothing and everything.


So, now I see that it’s my duty to get to where I need to go (London), be with my family (minus the time that Rusty may have to be in quarantine-oh god, I’m so sorry in advance), and grow old with my family.

Today begins with how to get my Italian Passport. Tomorrow, we take over the world.



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