I was reminded today, while reading, of a statement that went right to the top of my list of things to live by. I have my usual, tried and true, never-let-me-down statement in:


My god, I want that tattooed to my body, made into bumper stickers, worn on Ellen underpants, made into Christmas, Birthday, Condolence, Bat Mitzvah cards, and left anonymously under car windshield wipers – THIS TOO SHALL PASS, people, KEEP MOVING. It just makes everything, good and bad, stay in its box o’perspective and we allllll need that. Yes, all of us. Life is a series of moments, stay in the one that is right now.

But now there’s a new kid on the block. A new mantra to keep EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US PUSHING, BELIEVING, TRYING, DOING. And it’s a goodie…

You’re already doing it.

I can see your thought wheels already starting to turn.

“That’s it?”, you ask defensively. “Where’s the drama, the mystique, the hard work? How do I know it’s working? Are you sure this is about me?”

No drama. No mystery. Endless amounts of hard work. It’s happening every day, all the time.

And yes, this is absolutely about you.

How do I know? Because I ask myself the question and I fill in the answer.

“How can I survive my job? It’s so hard, I’m so frustrated!” – You’re already doing it. You go to work every day and fight the good fight, and you’ve BEEN doing it for 3 months, 5 years, 15 years, YOUR LIFE. You’re already doing it. Good job.

“Why am I so unhappy? Why can’t I get myself out of this funk?” – You are already doing it. Just acknowledging that you’re depressed, sad, lonely, tired, worried, WHATEVER, by realizing that something is an issue, you’re already moving through it, in it, out of it.

You’re already doing it.

“I miss my best friend. I can’t live without them, they are my everything.” Let’s say it together, YOU’RE ALREADY DOING IT!!! It may hurt, it may be so hard you think you could be close to actually perishing, but everyday that you wake up, brush your teeth, go through any and all motions, and end up back in your bed – you’re already doing it, you’re getting by.

The difference between This Too Shall Pass and You’re Already Doing It, is this: The former reminds you to stay in the present, stay mentally sharp that life is always changing and nothing stays the same for too long, and learn as much as you can from the present moment to deal with the next present moment, and then the one after that better-stronger-harder-faster (Daft Punk, you fools). The latter tells us that no matter what dilemma you face and your fears about winning-achieving-succeeding you have, by having started the process at all, you’re already surviving it and doing it fairly successfully.

Hey, you’re still here, right?

I am. I’m still here.

And I’m going to remember that some times were hard and that I struggled, so that when life is great, I can enjoy those moments even more.

And when I think I’ll never, ever, ever get through a sticky period of time, I’ll say to myself that I’m already doing it.

By doing all of this I think, that just maybe, I might right myself back on up, and keep moving.



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