I’m asking just to find out if I’m the only one here on this issue (…although a lot of my friends are drunkards, so I know they’ll be on my side, but that doesn’t count).

The question is: if you’ve planned to do something at a specific time that is painstaking, painful, and somewhat tedious, BUT NECESSARY, do you immediately toss it into the bin when someone says the golden words, “Happy Hour!!”? Can we discard so easily what we know we MUST do for the things that we WANT to do? And even if we don’t actually want to do the other thing but it keeps us from doing the hard part, does that make us even worse as people?

I might be talking jibberish here. But let me try to go on…

I work out. I do it on my lunch breaks. It’s my thing.

But also, I have to do it because God did not bless me with a model’s figure that stays slim just because the sky is sometimes blue and babies are cute. I have to WORK at staying smoking hot. Fact.

But I haven’t been the gym for the last 4 days. And I feel guilty. Realllllly guilty.

So, because my hubby is away for a few days, I made some dates with people that I don’t EVER hang out with, and those people don’t know that I go to sleep at 7PM. (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much. I’m NOT a night owl and I like it like that) Which means, I have a lot of hours in between working and when our date night begins that I have to fill with something.

Like working out.

Now here is my conundrum: the flag has been risen, the call has been made, the troops are mounting up and HAPPY HOUR has been declared. Bye-Bye 5 mile run – Hellooooo Long Island Iced Tea!

But really, I know I shouldn’t go out for a couple of reasons. One: I’m a two drink wonder these days and I KNOW that I may have that many or quite possibly one more than that. And the mental image of being tossed with people I hardly know seems very, very uncomfortable. No one wants to chat serious politics or the good ol’ days with Slurring Sally. Two: I’ll get even more tired even faster than if I were just stoically sober. Slurring and Sleeping Sally.

Don’t date her.

However, knowing that I can avoid RUNNING seems to make all the worries about HH disappear. This is because it seems more fun to sit on a couch, laugh, spend money, and feel careless than put your body through pain and labor, with only your thoughts for entertainment (and my thoughts at the moment are heavy and hard).But still…I feel like I know better, but that won’t change that I’ll still go out to drink versus run my chub away.

And that’s what I think separates the golden from the many. Discipline.


(Oh boy…this just got really heavy and I don’t think I want to go there.)

I’ll leave this post with: I know myself.

I know that I should relax more about choices and changes.

I know that I’ll have to be on good behavior to not ruin my evening.

I know that I’ll have to run two times this week, and spin, and Pilates to feel better about my decision.

And I know that my worrisome heart, which debates silly issues such as these, is such an old woman that she may die out before I do.

(Ok, just got heavy AGAIN! Sorry, I’m stopping now)

Here’s to Happy Hour! Here’s to frivolity! Here’s to…being undisciplined….


One thought on “Di-lem-ma

  1. Stop flaunting your drinking, some of us are 3 stone heavier than normal without any joy of booze! PS 3 years ago today we were getting ready to go down the aisle. x x x


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