Team Food for the Win!

I have to share some breaking foodie news right now because I’m still reeling from the oh-so-excellent meal I was lucky enough to partake in last night. If you recall, I had my late-night-date-night with some very old friends and, truly, could not have had a better time. There’s something so satisfying as catching up with good people, having fun conversation, and of course, eating amazing food that brings me a sense of complete and utter happiness.

Food and Friends (in that order)- Hurrah!

And before dinner, I did end up going out to HH (sorry Dans) and had an educational time learning life altering tidbits, such as, the pronunciation of Broadway is not actually “broad-way” but “broadwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyy”, and a female dog is pronounced “behytch”.

Like I said, life altering.

But it was a super start to the rest of the evening. Continuing on with my new-friend-fun-day, I headed over the see an old Pepperdiner and his lovely lady both of whom I had not been in close contact since we were in college (which incidentally was 10 years ago. I happen to know this because I’ll be attending my class reunion this coming weekend- weird!!). We had decided to dine at a super trendy and tiny Italian restaurant called Flour&Water ( whose two claims to fame are their life changing homemade pastas and that they once turned Steve Jobs away because he didn’t have a reservation.

Just little pieces of dinner party conversation starters for ya…

Anywho, I had seen a picture of some AMAZING looking pasta that Pete had posted on Instagram (no, he’s not Asian) and it looked so good that we made a date to try it for good measure.

The three of us dined on:

Lamb casonsei with olives & rosemary pasta – so tender and succulent.

Black pepper tagliarini with tesa, clams & pecorino – peppery goodness.

Pappardelle with braised pork, fig, horseradish & watercress pasta – to LIVE for, honestly.Salsiccia pizza with pork sausage, tomato, broccolini, mozzarella di bufala & cream – best pizza crust ever!

And even though it wasn’t on the menu, the dish that Pete and I had originally desired was brought to our table, sprung from the kindness of the kitchen. The Dish o’ the Evening was hand rolled “purses” of tallegio cheese with a butter sauce and drizzled with an amazing aged balsamic –OMFG!!!

Seriously, it was so savory, yet with a hint of sweet, surrounding perfectly cooked al dente pasta, and filled with creamy cheese that was like butta. I was sick sick sick with joy.

And for this little lady, anyone can tell you that there is almost NOTHING better than perfection on a plate that sits right in front of you!!! to be enjoyed with a nice red wine and good company – well, it was a perfect date night for moi.

And after gorging ourselves, I drove back home at MIDNIGHT (woot woot, who’s the late night owl, now???) and feel into a satiated sleep, coupled with my ability to sleep across the entire length and width of the bed due to no man or dog; it was awesome.

So, my shout out is if you are in San Francisco and want the best meal, MAKE A RESERVATION and enjoy all that Flout&Water can offer your belly and your spirit.

Bon Appétit!


DINNER October 9, 2012

2401 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Tel. 415-826-7000

cured salmon roe with potato, egg, crispy cardoons & crème fraîche 12
chicory salad with walnut, crispy trotter, delicata squash & dates 12
smoked sturgeon with grapes, olives & celery root 13
hen ballotine with chestnut, roasted sunchokes, apples & sage 14
lamb casonsei with olives & rosemary 17
salmon raviolini with squid ink, sea urchin & radish 18
nettle tortelli with lobster mushrooms 17
black pepper tagliarini with tesa, clams & pecorino 17
campanelle verde with roasted hen, chanterelles & pine nut 16
chestnut strozzapreti with braised duck, butternut squash & sage 18
pappardelle with braised pork, fig, horseradish & watercress 18
margherita – tomato, basil, fior di latte & extra virgin olive oil 14
patata – brussels sprouts, potato, chili, pecorino & bagna cauda 16
prosciutto – balsamic braised radicchio, fontal & shaved prosciutto 18
salsiccia – pork sausage, tomato, broccolini, mozzarella di bufala & cream 17
add on: anchovy 2
egg, bufala mozzarella 3

starry flounder with shelling bean purée, romanesco, pine nut & olives

mixed roast of pork with brussels sprouts, sweet potato, apples & huckleberry jus*

*$2 of each dish sold will be donated to support James Beard Foundation scholarship

program for aspiring culinary students.


fresh shelling beans with speck & bread crumbs 7
roasted brussels sprouts with lemon, chili & hazelnut 7

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